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We present below some of our hiking routes that we are used to doing. The daily trekking rhythm can be changed according to your wishes. All walking tours are provided with the support of a vehicle, horses or camels. 


A detailed offer, adjusted to your arrival date, the number of trekking days and other information will be provided to you on request. As presented, they all represent an average of 6 hours of walking per day.  

During your journey on foot, you can visit nomadic families, camp and enjoy nature, discover flora and fauna.

All these itineraries are adaptable according to your requests orwishes, in particular the rhythm can be modified. We youwill send a detailed offer on demand.


You will find the detailed description of the services at the end of this section.

Circuit T1. Trekking in Altai Tavan Bogd and Mongol Els sand dunes

This tour is a combination of trekking and jeep travel that takes place   in 2 different parts of the country. Altai Tavan Bogd is the most mountainous part of the country, unlike the Mongol Els sand dunes which are located   in the lowest part of the country.  The tour requires 21 days in total, including air transfers:  Ulanbator-Ulgii, Altai-Ulanbator

Discover the majesty of the Altai Mountains and their snow-capped peaks, the sacred peak of Altai Tavan bogd and its glaciers, and the crystal clear lakes and rivers of Western Mongolia.


This place keeps rich vestiges of the past: petroglyphs, human-shaped monument and tumulus. 


You are going to visit the most isolated region of the country. Visit the nomadic families who raise the golden eagles and hunt with them and see how Kazakh women decorate their ger (yurt) with their colorful embroidery that they embroider by hand.

Going down, towards the southeast,   you will see Mongol Els (Mongolian Sand), the largest sand dunes in Mongolia which offer a magnificent panorama of the snow-capped mountains of Altai Gobi.


Explore magical Lake Ereen, a freshwater lake in the middle of sand dunes.

Price example(Do not include transfers to Mongolia)

 Price-package per person: USD 2,399 based on a group of 4 people / 1 vehicle / 2 guides / 21 days in total, 8 days of trekking in Altai Tavan Bogd, 3 days trekking to Mongol Els sand dunes, Ulaanbaatar – Ulgii, Altai – Ulaanbaatar domestic flights.(see below detailed service description at the end of this section.)

Circuit T2. Trekking to Lake Naiman and the Orkhon Valley

This is a 5 day tour to Lake Naiman and Orkhon Valley. 


Visit of nomadic families, stay with nomads and discover the mountain lakes Naiman Nuur, the picturesque Orkhon river valley and its waterfall, as well as the Tovhon monastery, located on the top of mountains and visit Karkhorin-ancient capital of Genggis Khan Empire and Erdenezuu Monastery. 

On the way to Ulaanbaatar, passing through Elsen tasarkhai, harmony of all types of landscape such as mountains, sand and river. Visit Hustai National Park to see Takhi Wild Horses - the only authentic wild horses found on Earth. 

Price example(Do not include transfers to Mongolia)


Fixed price per person: USD 1,199 based on a group of 4 people / 1 vehicle / 2 companions / 7 days

(see detailed service description at the end of this section.)

Service Trek

Service description for trekking trips 

Indicative prices above correspond to the following services based on a group of 4 persons, and they can be adapted according the size of the group, starting from 2 persons :  


·    2 nights in hotel (double room basis) in Ulaanbaatar and other nights in tents or gers


·    Exclusive use for the entire duration of the stay of a one 4x4 vehicle, including fuel and lubricants supply, vehicle maintenance and service;


·    Support team of 2 guides: an interpreter/cook and a driver/mechanic, including their food and accommodations; 


·    All transfers in Ulaanbaatar; 


·    Organization of visits, entertainment/shopping according to your wishes and preferences (museums, monasteries, open market, tours of ger districts, etc.) in Ulaanbaatar; 


·    Welcome and farewell dinners upon arrival in and prior to departure from Mongolia; 


·    All food and drinks in the countryside prepared by cook 


·    Camping/cooking/fishing/riding gear rental (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow, blanket, table and chairs, cookware, saddle, fishing rod and reel, line and 2 fishing hooks); 


·    Horses, local guide, packhorse, saddle and other equipments


·    Local flight tickets


·    Fees and taxes for entrance and stay at the national parks, especially protected areas and natural reserves


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