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TOURS 2024

Choose a program or build your own for each season

Spring trips 2024


The warm air flow arrives in the beginning of March in the southern region and start coming migratory birds begin  to be back at the beginning of April. The peak period for herders is the calving of their cattle for two months until May.


We offer short term trips of 7 days, 14 days with programs on bird watching, staying and helping nomadic families to organize their baby cattle, combing cashmere and wool, moving in the spring from the winter camp to the first summer camp.


Summer trips 2024


Grass grows about ten centimeters in mid-June, all the frozen rivers and lakes melt completely, herders say the cattle have enough food and it is main season until the end of August to prepare for a harsh winter. Rural people have free time to meet, organize the Naadam festival, city dwellers cross the country during the short summer season of July-August at the same time as foreign tourists.


Give preference to long-term trips in the steppe of western Altai and eastern Dornod, combined Gobi-Khangai tours in the central zone with activities of horse riding, camel, hiking, fishing , cycling, cultural themes in the nomadic lifestyle, visit Buddhist monasteries, search for archaeological petroglyphs, deer stones, tombs, study wildlife.


Autumn trips 2024


Start life nationwide on September 1 as children, teenagers go to school, parents campaign colleges, cattle breeders move to new pastures to keep the fat in their herds for a long winter.


The colors of nature, the famous golden autumn of Mongolia, is the perfect time to photograph a trip to the Gobi Desert or the Khangai mountain range. The eagle hunters organize their annual festival for a cultural visit in October.


Winter trips 2024


All steppes, hills, mountains are covered with snow in November, all families with their cattle animals settle in their winter camps. We organize special nomadic stay circuits with skiing, snowshoeing, sledding in pure fresh air below -20 -30C.

We invite you for the Ice Festival at Lake Khovsgol or the Camel Festival in the Gobi Desert at the end of winter, beginning of March 2024!

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