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The land of blue sky

Mongolia fascinates with its infinite spaces, the nomadic way of life still very present and its rich history. 

Tourist destination still little known, you do not come there by chance;  often fascinated by some of the most grandiose landscapes on earth, you come back overwhelmed by encounters with this hospitable and proud people. 

It is rightly said that Mongolia is not told but lived and you can go there, return there and always learn, discover and live new experiences. 

All you have to do is move away from the very modern capital, its pollution and its traffic jams to find yourself very quickly in a great elsewhere, the infinity of steppes, mountains and deserts where your marks of time and distances are forgotten.

To really discover Mongolia it is essential to cultivate yourself before going on the culture and the history of the Mongolian people; and to find out about the travel conditions that can put off if you are too attached to a certain comfort and a well-planned program. 

On the spot it is more than recommended to travel in the country accompanied by at least one Mongolian in order to be able to exchange and understand the inhabitants and their culture. 

You will find on these pages informations about Mongolia: 

geographyclimatepopulationculture,  nomadic way of life, religion and history

We have also compiled some of our finest Photos collected during our various travels. 

You will also find a page of travel tips to prepare and experience your trip to the best.


As a Mongolian proverb saysFreedom is in the steppe, happiness is in the steppe.


So come en Mongolia with a travel plan that will keep you this freedom !

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