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We would like to warmly thank the entire e-Mongol team for this extraordinary trip to Mongolia that we were able to experience thanks to them.

From the preparation of the trip, we were able to define together in advance our itinerary according to our wishes and with the help of their precious advice "from the field", because they know their country very well.

They welcomed us particularly well and accompanied us throughout our stay. Once there, we were able to adjust this itinerary easily according to our encounters or desires of the moment. Because a trip can never be planned 100% in advance, you always have to leave a little room for the unpredictable and spontaneity;)

During this trip, we made very nice encounters, which we were able to take full advantage of thanks to our guide / interpreter, we were pampered by our cook and our experienced drivers allowed us to go everywhere despite not always easy conditions. . Thanks to them we always felt confident and we were able to fully enjoy.

In short, an unforgettable trip that will remain in our hearts. This country is beautiful, its people are incredibly welcoming. Going there provides a total change of scenery and a real experience that goes far beyond what there is to see in its postcard landscapes.

Lucile, Mathieu et Clément

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Many thanks for Gansukh and Byamba, the two experienced guides of E-Mongol agency for supporting my 14th winter expedition in the mongolian wilderness.

As an eccentric type I can tell you that the members of this team are both reliable and flexible, even genuinely curious about the travelers wishes and will do their best to satisfy those in every aspect. Fluent in english and familiarized with the western world, they will find you a local driver and resolve a family homestay in traditional yurt even in the remotest parts of the country.


You can check out the detailed description of my last extreme climate research here:

Zsombor Orban

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Fascinated by Mongolia following the French TV program “Rendez vous in an unknown land” in 2007, we decided to go there after crossing Central Asia in 2008 in a 4x4. We absolutely needed a guide.

After research and communication we concluded with the local agency e-Mongol and the guide Gansukh LKHAGVAA. He guided us from Ulan  baator through Mongolia to the Russian border on the Kyrgyzstan side, 15 days of dreams during which I had promised myself to come back to spend more time.

Which was done in 2018. Staying in touch with Gansukh, I asked him for a tailor-made trip with the final objective: the Tsaatan tribe on the eastern border of Russia.

Arrived by plane at UB Gansukh was waiting for us with our Toyota vehicle rented for a month. Himself and Mandah Badamjav accompanied us in their vehicle equipped for our assistance (camping tent, bedding, dishes, etc.)

We left for the Gobi desert. All along the way thanks to their knowledge, Mongols welcomed us to drink tea, eat and sleep.

Our last escapade having to be done on horseback, we did some tests under the watchful eye of the Mongols.

The circuit chosen by Gansukh was diverse and varied with temples, rivers with hordes of horses coming to drink, mountains, flowers, meals over a wood fire under the stars in a clear sky without pollution. It was a real magical adventure until the horses were taken for a 3-day trip through forests, rivers, bivouacs and swamps to the tipis of the Tsaatans.

Even more magical because the adventures along the way leave memories etched forever in our memories.

We lived at the rhythm of the tribe for 3 days and left on horseback. Return welcomed by Mongolian families in the yurt.

A month of another life in another world, with our guides always listening to us, our little care. Always respectful of our ultimately very capricious French culture of spoiled children.

I know I will return to Mongolia because I always have it in my heart. I know that it is Gansukh who will accompany me.

Mongolia is not be told, it is be lived and you might better live it with a local skilled person. 

Mireille Bailly

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My two-months trip to Mongolia in June-July 2022 focused on the practice of shamanism in that country and on broader cultural issues. It was an amazing experience thanks to Mr. Badam Byambadalai from e-Mongol travel agency who planned and organized the trip in response to my requests and my specific interests. He contacted leading shamans in the different districts of this huge country, and made sure they would welcome us and would be willing to share with me some of their thoughts and insights into their vocation. In several cases, we were invited to take part in ceremonies and rituals and to get first-hand experience of the ancient Mongolian tradition which enjoys a wonderful revival these days. 

Byamba is a meticulous planner, and he made sure that while travelling from one shaman to another, I would be able to enjoy the impressive landscapes of Mongolia, the desert, the steppe, the lakes, and the snowy peaks. He also arranged every detail of our successful horseback riding trip to the Tsataan people – the nomad reindeer herders. 

Meticulous he is, but not rigid. When something on the road aroused our curiosity, we always explored it, putting aside our original plan for the moment, and improvising in order to encounter the unexpected. It was always worthwhile and always done in a good spirit of adventure. 

Byamba took care of every aspect of the trip and provided everything that was needed for it, from the 4 X4 car, the guide and the translator, through the three-layered comfortable sleeping bags, fresh food that was purchased in markets, gas stoves for cooking in camp, and much more.

It is not easy to be a vegetarian tourist in Mongolia, where meat is such an important part of the diet. Thanks to Byamba’s considerate planning, I was always well taken care of and always well fed. While in camp, we cooked our own food together, and it was delicious. When in town or in restaurants on the road, Byamba asked for meat-free meals for me, and was accommodated with understanding and smiles.

Byamba’s main concern is the comfort and satisfaction of his guest – and I don’t say “client” because when you are with him, you feel that he is your generous host and after a very short time, also your friend. If you plan an adventurous visit to Mongolia, you better contact the e-Mongol team.

Professor Atay Citron, the University of Haifa, Israel

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Hi there, my name is Monic and I went on a month-long trip with Ganaadi from e-Mongol agency in the summer of 2022.

I am ethnically Mongolian Chinese and my boyfriend Jay is white American.

We went to the Northmost points of Mongolia (stayed with a reindeer tribe, talked to all the families and a Shaman, rode a reindeer, petted and fed them salt, milked them), the Westmost points (visited multiple Kazak families, took pictures in Kazak costumes with an eagle, listened to a Kazak man singing with a Dombra, made Horshores with a local family, shared local meals with them), the Gobi desert in the south (rode Camels in the dessert at sunset, saw dinasour remains, mindblowing sand castles that sometimes seem purple), the many temples in Ulaan Batar and also all around the country.

The trip was a natural and cultural feast. We were welcomed everywhere with Mongolian milk tea and Airag. The yak butter and yogurt in the north and mutton soup and dumplings were declicious! We also went to see the Nadaam festival and ate giant beef skewers there.

As Jay pointed out, Gannadi knows very well how to get around the whole country (he carefully planned the trip with us with tremendous patience beforehand and accomodated MANY of our wishes), finds really friendly hosts in the places we go to (we loved interacting with every single family he brought us to and find Mongolians extremebly friendly in general), and is rather flexible (sometimes we felt tired and wanted to live in local hotels instead of camping and they always tried to help us). I would add that he would always help me up or down a hill/horse/mountain and felt like an older brother to me rather than a tour guide. If you are contemplating a similar trip I'd recommend packing light (takes a lot of time to load and unload the car each time we camp or stay at a new place). If you come from a region with lots of lakes and mountains I'd spend more time on culture (e.g., museums and temples), the dessert, and local people. We sort of did that and were very happy with our experience.


I finished the trip with immense gratitude. It helped me realize how loving and spiritual the Mongolians are. Their love and respect of nature and each other deeply impressed me.

Thanks to the e-Mongol agency and the guide Ganaadi

Monic and Jay

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Mongolia, we dreamed of it! Our expectations were not disappointed.

We discovered a fantastic country, huge, with impressive landscapes, almost desert except for its capital, but where we feel less alone than in Beijing where we came from, overcrowded, and where, on the contrary, the inhabitants ignore those they meet. The country met our expectations, a little more even thanks to the warm welcome of the people we met. We do not want to dwell on this point, because those who come here do so knowing these particularities specific to this country.

What motivates this word is the testimony that we want to bring to those who will have to decide on the choice of an agency. We chose e-Mongol, by chance while looking for information on Mongolia. The website is interesting, we decided to take more information and each of our messages requesting information was answered very quickly by Gansukh. This is how we were able to establish a program corresponding to our project: duration, circuit, budget...

When we arrived in Ulaanbaatar, we were met by Tungaa, a young French student who was our mentor, our interpreter and our cook for 22 days, as dynamic as she was cheerful and efficient. After a visit to certain buildings (temple, museum) we were invited in the evening to an excellent show at the theater, then to a dinner with the manager Gansukh, (who we did not think was so young), which allowed us to get to know him and to concretize in the reality of the human relationship our computer contact with e-Mongol. However, these latter services were not mentioned in the programme.

Afterwards, 3 weeks went by over 3000 km of tracks without an indicator panel, which did not bother our driver, Tsengel: his keen eye was always able to find the right direction at each junction and his qualities as a driver avoided the inconvenience caused by ruts, holes, rivers to ford… In the evening, the choice for the location of the tent has always proved to be judicious. As soon as we arrived, Tungaa prepared the meal, often in difficult conditions, while Tsengel, after setting up the tents with us, put on the mechanic's outfit to make sure that everything would be in order the next day, also cleaning the dusty 4x4. After dinner, it was time for conviviality, everyone satisfying the others' curiosity about life and habits in our respective countries, or time for games (Mongolian-style knucklebones and "jungle speed") when we were in the comfortable stage with Yurt, privileged moments of laughter. And then there was... But it would take too long to recount all the good times and good surprises! So we want to end by saying a big thank you to Gansukh and his entire e-Mongol team: we came as strangers, we left as friends.

Finally, our personal conclusion, based on the exchanges we were able to have along the way with the many other French tourists we met, is that e-Mongol figures very well in the hit parade of many tourist agencies. from Ulaanbaatar.

Marie-Françoise et Jean-Michel Dumollard 

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Immensely large, immensely beautiful and immensely welcoming country. A "cocktail" that deserves a long break. 

A month to explore the tracks, discover surprising landscapes: a sometimes greenish sometimes orange desert where life is present everywhere but you have to go and find it because it is discreet, rivers which flow and which offer the drink if necessary, forests that rise like a curtain as if to better preserve and hide treasures. Herds (yaks, camels, horses, sheep and goats) which remind us that the Mongols are great breeders. And in the middle of this surprising nature, welcoming, warm, honest and sincere people who love their country and who put all their heart into sharing with us their way of life, the harshness of the climate, their simplicity with great serenity.

Thanks to the whole team. You will remain in our memory but especially in our heart. 

Sincerely to Baatar, Otgoo, Khurlee, Uyangaa, Ulaanaa and Oyunbileg.
And bravo to Gansukh for the material organization and the adaptation of the program according to our desires. 

Carole Valentin

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Thanks to e-mongol I discovered Mongolia during a real, simple and pleasant trip. I was well received and my travel wishes respected. I was surrounded by pleasant, competent and touching Mongolian people. 

Thank you for this beautiful trip which does not fail to transform my life here a little!
See you soon,

Sarah Guillermin

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I keep such nice memory and want to impress you my and our satisfaction with all you gave us with your service.
Best for you and warm greetings from Bangkok

Wolfgang Pfriemer 

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Hello Gansukh,
here we are back in France; we would like to thank you and the entire e-mongol team for organizing our trip. We liked it very much and your country is magnificent!
Thanks again to the guide and the drivers who were very competent!
See you next time for sure!
Thank you for everything 

Etienne Fuchs et toute son équipe

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We wanted to get off the beaten track, and asked several companies to suggest a tour itinerary for western Mongolia. We ended up choosing e-Mongol because they listened to our wishes and tailored a trip combining nature and cultural experience.

We have been most satisfied with our trip. It was very well organized, and it did live up to all our expectations. We will not hesitate to recommend e-Mongol to those seeking a Mongolian adventure out of the ordinary.

Jette & Michael (Denmark)

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Hello Gansukh, 
Nicolas and I returned yesterday from a trip. We had an amazing time in Mongolia and hope to return very soon. 
Your organization was perfect thanks to you and your team!
We'll put pictures on the site as soon as we've looked at them.
We want to thank you again and also the driver, the cook and the guide.
Thanking you again very much

Marie-Perle Mariotti

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Our 14-day-trip from Ulanbaatar to Khosgol Lake was well organized and flexible from every viewpoint.
Ariunaa, our guide, always respected our wishes as the most important factor of the tour.
She really wanted to ensure an unforgettable 2 weeks for us, and she did her best for that.
We enjoyed the friendliness of the people we met, and the untouched Nature, as well.
Traveling on the road, staying in gers, sitting at campfires, talking with children and elder people was GREAT.
Many thanks for that to e-Mongol. We really appreciate it.

Zsuzsa and Antal (Hungary)

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Hello Gansukh,
as I promised you, I come with a little delay since our return to France, thank you for the quality of the trip we made from September 21 to October 20, thanks to your agency: 

I mean by that the organization, but also the human qualities of our guide-interpreter, Oyunaa, and our driver, Dzorigoo.
Your country is magnificent, the population encountered is faithful to its legend of hospitality and kindness. The itinerary that you proposed to us allowed us to do a great tour of Mongolia, the north, the north-west and the center-west, we only miss the Gobi desert, for which we will have to return. The eagle hunting festival in Olgy was superb, and I am very satisfied with the photographic work that I was able to achieve.
I wish you a good day, and renewing my thanks for this trip, I am already thinking of a new trip, but I cannot yet fix the date.

François Venot

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Hello Gansukh, the three of us are delighted with this trip to Mongolia: by the country, the meetings with the inhabitants, the regions we have crossed.

The guide Munkho as well as the driver Bataar were perfect, friendly, efficient and pleasant companions, with whom we had a great time.
The organization and support by e-Mongol were perfect, both in terms of equipment: Russian jeep, camping equipment, etc...
With our thanks, receive my best regards.

Gérard Roussel

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Hello Gansukh. We have just returned to France and would like to thank you for the excellent circuit that you offered us. Your whole team was great and showed real professionalism.
If you have French customers who want information before deciding to go to Mongolia, you can ask them to contact me, I will be happy to give them my opinion on e.mongol.

Congratulations to all your team and thank you again.

Michel Reynaud

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A special thanks to e-Mongol Agency that made our 3 weeks trip in Mongolia a beautiful experience.
Good drivers, they were able to solve mechanical problems, a valid guide and excellent cook.
But first of all the friendly relationship that we'll never forget.

Ambra e Gianalfredo Conti Recco (Italy)

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I really spent a dream month in your beautiful country and among really warm people. Deep experiences in these spaces stretching to infinity, touching encounters with people who have so much to teach us; I am still imbued with all this experience.
Maybe I will have the opportunity to come back to you one day.
Thank you Gansukhl for this varied and grandiose circuit that you prepared for us so well and thank you to the whole team who accompanied us with a special mention for Tulgaa, both very responsible and solid but also flexible, joyful, light, respectful.  

Regards to all of you.

Solange Kergoat

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I wanted to thank e-mongol for organizing the trip. We were 7 people with different expectations, and they made us an à la carte trip! 

Even if there were some problems due to the constraints of the country, they always managed to arrange things, and to compensate as best as possible. We had a wonderful trip, very varied. 

The 4 people who accompanied us were very kind and attentive. We ate very well, and it was really a surprise after all that we had read in the guides!

The equipment was also perfect: tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, etc... really great!!

Returning to France, we talked with other people who had gone through other organizations, and we realized that we had been very lucky to go through e-mongol.

I highly recommend this organization to anyone wishing to visit this wonderful country. 

Michèle & Co de Nice

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We are safely back in France and I want to send you all our thanks for this trip which was fabulous thanks to your great organization and the kindness of everyone at e-Mongol, with a very special thank you to Oyonna who made us discover the life of your wonderful country with great passion and dedication. 
The circuit was very good because we really traveled through landscapes that were always different and each one more beautiful than the other.
Thank you also for lending us the Prado, a very good and comfortable vehicle, which Jean-Marc took great pleasure in driving.
Finally we would like to add that we have never met, during our various travels, an Agency that welcomes and takes care of tourists like you, with so much kindness and friendship.
We came back with a head full of beautiful memories and lots of photos too; we will send you some as soon as we have sorted it out.
Again, thank you very much. Friendship 

Martine et Jean-Marc Sauvadet  

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In summer 2006, the e-Mongol team were involved in the making of a Major International Documentary for National Geographic television.

The documentary ,entitled `Russian Bigfoot` followed British Explorer Adam Davies ,as he investigated stories if the legendary Almas creature ,which is said to live in both Russia and the Altai mountains of Mongolia.

The film proved to be a very popular international success.

Adam Davies said:

" e-Mongol are a highly dedicated and professional operation.The logistics involved in making a film of this kind can sometimes be very demanding,but e-Mongol were able to meet all my requirements.

Whether you are a tourist coming for the first time, or a commercial operation, the I strongly recommend that you use them. I trust them implicitly, and they have become firm friends"

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With my wife we have just made a trip to Mongolia for 14 days. I will not dwell on the charms of this country and the pleasant surprises it has in store, others have done it before me and certainly with talent. 

I simply allow myself to give information to all those who are considering an individual journey to the country of Genghis khan. 

Thanks to Internet we discovered a Mongolian agency. Through François, who makes many trips to Mongolia and knows the country very well, we contacted the agency.

For having traveled abroad for several decades and particularly in countries 

where we must have recourse to tourism professionals to visit certain regions, we must point out the irreproachable, not to say exceptional services they have given us. 

The professionalism of the manager, the welcome we received upon our arrival in Ulan Bator when we were a day ahead. 

The experience of the driver throughout the trip, namely that the Gobi desert does not have a highway but multiple tracks where only a regular can navigate, the sites chosen by the latter for our camps in idyllic but also extremely wild settings, gave us great moments.
The kindness of the little guide who also accompanied us during our stay, her stubbornness to progress in our language because she speaks French, her culinary prowess with the means at hand but with a reserve of products with which she was endowed following meticulous preparation of the whole team before departure. 

In short, everything has been organized to satisfy us.

It should be noted that beyond the program agreed at the start, we benefited from additional services (theater, restaurants) which gave us the pleasant certainty that there are still tourism professionals who favor their basic vocation, hospitality. , the friendly and warm welcome that are the very essence of a trip, for the sole financial benefit that the traveler can bring them. 

We don't usually give advice because a trip is always a state of mind. 

However, it seems important to highlight positive events that can give ideas or at least encourage traveling spirits, and there are many of them. 

Francis Izard

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This time we chose to go to the western region of Mongolia, the wild and mountainous Altai Tavan Bogd region. 

We went there to see the eagles used for hunting, the traditions and arts of the Kazakhs, and the highest mountains of Mongolia. 

And as for our previous trips with e-Mongol, (center in 2003 and Khovsgol in 2005) we were not disappointed. 

With perfect organization and very friendly guides, we spent 3 idyllic weeks crossing varied regions (sand, steppe, high mountains), meeting  welcoming Mongolians in breathtaking landscapes.

The calm, the wide open spaces, the warmth of these people, everything made us want to return to Mongolia very soon! 

Thank you for allowing us to live this dream.

Aline Mamin

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I can say that the service you provided was excellent and you were able to accommodate our request of itinerary within the time we had available to visit the country. 

The communication was very friendly and efficient before the trip, during the long-distance planning phase, and booking of flights and preparation of our vehicle were very timely. 

Later, the support provided in terms of accompanying staff (the guide and the driver) was very professional, friendly and collaborative. Also the vehicle and equipment provided for moving around the country and camping were in perfect conditions.
I can say the trip was perfect from a logistical and organizational point of view. If I had to travel again to Mongolia I would definitely chose e-Mongol.

Barbara Vinceti (Italy)

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Organizing a trip to Mongolia, both for 5 walkers and 11 riders was not easy.

e-Mongol did it! 

The 2 groups met for lunch and dinner, taking different and varied routes. This trip was a delight. The e-Mongol team welcomed us with a big smile on the platform of Ulan-Bator station and we met a team of immense kindness, always attentive to the group and very professional.
Just think: 4 drivers, 2 cooks and 2 guides… just for us!!! That is, a complete team of 24 people and 4 vehicles!!! You have to be very “professional” to manage such an infrastructure. 

The tents and duvets were new, the food delicious, the drivers experienced! The e-Mongol team carried out its task perfectly and contributed with its kindness and good humor to the success of this journey in the green desert that is Mongolia.

Needless to say that I recommend this trip and that I recommend

Eric Greff

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Traveling on foot in the far west of Mongolia, the Altai mountain range, with its Tavan Bogd, Tsaatang river and beautiful Khorton lake is an enormous experience of infinity, freedom, silence and beauty. 

However, the distances, the lack of information on the route, the extreme climatic conditions make the trip impossible, without the experienced, mature and friendly help of the wonderful team provided by e-Mongol.


The trip began months in advance with careful planning through emails. I was immediately impressed with Gansukh's speed and accuracy in answering my questions and his ability to solve any problem that arose.


The arrival in Ulaan Baatar confirmed these first impressions: the promptness, availability, expertise were available to solve problems such as obtaining Russian visas for the return by train.


Once in Olgii, we met and very quickly befriended an unforgettable team: Tulgaa who, despite being 24 years old, is a mature and friendly English-speaking guide; Agwan, an impressive walker, an excellent intermediary for communicating with the Kazakhs, since, in addition to his perfect knowledge of the region, he speaks Kazakh, Russian and Tuva; Bilgun and Munko, two very reliable, inventive drivers and excellent mechanics, capable of fixing anything anywhere; and of course, Baikhalma, our delicious cook and her no less delicious food.


We walked 450 kilometers among pure beauty, elated and feeling perfectly safe, despite gusty winds, scorching sun, chilly mornings and sheer numbers of mosquitoes, which in truth became part of the fun. , since the team was so supportive and caring. 

François Lorin

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The company we used to help us on this expedition was We would highly recommend anyone considering traveling to Mongolia, even if on a normal tourist trip for a few days, to contact them._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

They were superb!

Andrew Sanderson (Extreme expeditions)

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Before knowing the site I must say that Mongolia seemed to us an out of reach destination. It was a sort of mirage where the troops of Genghis khan were surging. 

In the company of texts by Galsan Tschinag we caressed, without really believing in it, the dream of knowing Altai.
We dreamed of following in the footsteps of these (very) different figures.
Know the steppe, the desert but also the snowy peaks bordering China.

The site is intended for travellers. The information is concrete and clearly presented. Then came the first contacts. And trust has grown between us. 

Things then went so well that we knew the course 6 months before the start.
We therefore prepared ourselves thanks in particular to the advice provided by the site and the team's rapid response.

The long journey from Europe left us in a daze in a hectic and dusty capital. But little by little we regained our strength thanks to the warm welcome of Ganaa, the travel director of e.Mongol.
The next day we landed in Olgii, capital of western Mongolia.
We met our guides Tuya, Agvan and Madetkhan who quickly put us at ease with their attentiveness.
As we advanced towards the Altai range, the immensities seized our senses. The landmarks went away like a moulting snake. We felt new.

Agvan helped us in the first meetings with breeders in the region. Thanks to his humor and his enthusiasm, we made some unforgettable encounters. He seemed to know everyone.
In the evening we made a fire of dried dung with Tuya, Madetkhan and Agvan.
It was good to laugh together, to watch the stars in silence while waiting for the moon to come. It was good to feel the earth against you. 
The musky smell of the fire of dried dung has thus become familiar to us.
We found the pages devoted by Galsan Tschinag to the High Altai.
Until the day Agvan took us to the writer's family!
When today we read his books the happy atmosphere of those moments comes back to us.
And Agvan contributed a lot to it.

The tracks of Siberia need not be jealous of those of Mongolia. 
They are equal by their bumps and their fords. There are no superlatives to describe Madetkhan, our driver, a man-machine with a heart that beats inside and a gentle gaze charged with attention. 

Tuya was drawing ideas for the kitchen from her imagination.

Together we have lived great moments. Isolated in the great expanses, we shared life. This trip was before a human adventure.
This is why he dwells in us.

Jorge et Elisabeth Ferreira

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A day's flight and here we are in Ulaan Baatar. What a change of scenery.
We found there amazing landscapes, steppes, mountains, wonderful lakes and in the foreground gers and countless herds of horses, yaks, camels, sheep and goats.


The light constantly changes and transforms the decor placed under your gaze, what a treat Meeting this endearing people is fascinating. These nomads with a rough life but so quick to invite you under their gers and thus share the airag and their yogurts, real moments of mutual curiosity. Tel Ochirbat and his wife, near the great lake Khövsgöl. who speak English, learned through contact with previous travelers, amazing, forty eight hours of conniving charm and laughter.

As for e-Mongol, do you have any doubts!? an apprehension!? a simple question!? Have confidence that they are well established, as soon as you get off the plane they will be there to welcome you. What they will offer you, from their distant agency, will be taken point by point once there.

No bad surprises, they are serious and honest people, real professionals at your service, available, looking forward to welcoming you. You will sympathize, you will learn and laugh a lot with them 
Go there, see for yourself, it's beautiful, it's warm, it feels good.


Our contact details are available from e-Mongol if you would like a testimonial or an opinion.

Elisabeth et Pierre Gire

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Travel is an exceptional moment; the discoveries it allows, the encounters it offers, the gentle or brutal, life-saving or disturbing break... that it provokes with everyday life, we never come out 


Always accustomed to going alone or with one or two friends, I had some apprehension to orient myself towards a trip certainly concocted to measure but nevertheless organized. Didn't the logistical questions evacuated, the planned stages, the constant life in a small group risk tainting the discovery? to be sources of frustration? to deprive us of encounters which constitute for us the essence of travel?

The questions did not bother us for long; for Françoise, Chantal, Martine and Gildas, the desire to discover life in Mongolia was the strongest, time was short (three weeks there), and we therefore took the plunge and made various contacts to make this dream come true. It's finally up to e-Mongol that we have decided to trust, the electronic exchanges "preparatory" to the trip having been carried out in all simplicity and seeming to us in phase with our expectations: good contact, listening and flexibility (thank you François, thank you Ganaa )... 

A month after the return, the rupture is far from being consummated; always moved - and for a long time - by the moments lived during these three weeks. Very quick complicity with the Mongolian team (thank you Tuya, Eegii and Miga), complicity which gave rise to memorable exchanges, laughter and "singing tricks" (we will certainly still have to be very persevering before being able to sing without hesitation or mispronunciation of the traditional Mongolian songs that we tried to learn during this trip). 

Moments rich in emotions, such as this stop in the family of Eegii, not far from Khujirt, during which we were able to approach Mongolian nomadic life more closely, witness the many daily tasks prior to the preparation for the long winter, such as also this anniversary celebrated on the shores of Lake Terh, under a sky covered with stars, like again the welcome and the atmosphere of the Tovhon monastery... Every evening, when the time came to leave the track to set up our camp , what a pleasure to find yourself in the middle of a grandiose nature, always teased by changing lights.

We are absolutely delighted. The next time, it is towards the west of the country that we will go.

Gildas Bellet

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More than a month after our return, resuming the daily routine remains difficult as this trip has been rich in sensations. Obviously magnificent landscapes (we assumed this after the photos and reports seen) but the noise (of the wind, the rain) or the absence of noise is still missing, the smells are missing and above all this always so warm welcome from these nomads. In short, it was a fantastic and unforgettable trip, supervised by a wonderful, friendly and professional team. 

Our big concern right now is when we're going back there.
Thank you for everything.
See you soon.

Sébastien Lacour

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I didn't know very well what we were going to find in the far west of the country because ultimately very few photos are dedicated to it.
We were delighted: breathtaking landscapes of a very wide variety, snow-capped mountains, gigantic glaciers, rocks of all colors, all very different lakes, rivers, steppe and then dunes. A wild country, a very rich fauna, inhabitants of great hospitality, all very authentic.
In short, a magnificent trip (I am attaching some photos) with an efficient and friendly team.
So thank you to you and to the entire e-Mongol team.

I share your opinion of Zorigoo, a calm and competent man, but we only saw him on the first days for Manzchir and Bayan-onjuul. Then we tested the blue Russian bus, orange caulked, of "George". A serious man and a real pilot... In any case, he was entirely part of the adventure. 

It must be said that we did more 4X4s than expected. It rained a lot the days before our arrival and the fords to cross delayed us the first days. 

Moreover, we were under-equipped to plan to reach the lakes of Hotton and Hurgan via the snowy pass (no ice ax or studded shoes). 
In short, to be honest, no big walks in Tavan-Bogd except for a few day walks. We were unlucky for that but then, for the rest, so there!... what splendor!!! 

And then we were lucky enough to have time to contemplate it.

I don't know what to say about the wonders of this park. What is the most beautiful? The potanin surrounded by its alpine peaks or the two immense lakes of Hotton and Hurgan with the larch forests and the Chinese border in the background? or Lake Dayan, a small inland sea overlooked by a majestic snowy massif and flown over by thousands of splendid and varied birds.
Wow!! And that was only the first fortnight!
We were alone in Kazakh country. Jucko was our safe conduit for visits and extraordinary encounters whether it was the long meal with a Tuvan shaman or the morning with the Kazakh eagle. No tourists except a few climbers and scientists. 

On the other hand, everywhere welcoming and natural people.

You may know the rest of our journey: Tolboo (superb at sunrise), Tsambagarav (where we hiked for the day), Har us lake (and its mosquitoes...) and of course Ereen (And there, what a sunrise at the top of the dune!!

This trip would not have been so great without the kindness and boundless devotion of Toya, our interpreter, without the candor and talent of our cook-singer, Tsolo, and George's outstanding piloting. Not to mention the pranks and the evenings telling stories of Jucko's bear hunting...


Of course, you have our agreement to forward these comments as well as the photos. 

Stéphanie Raimond 

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A wise and thoughtful character said that to enjoy a trip you must first dream of it. Our dream began in November 2004 with the purchase of a plane ticket to Paris Ulan Bator via Moscow.

There will be 6 of us leaving via Aeroflot: 2 Jérome, Ludo, Anne, Sam and Cécile. 

After looking for a local partner, e.Mongol seemed to us to be the agency capable of taking care of the lungs and calves of all those who wish to survey the Mongolian lands, especially those of the Altai, the main objective of our journey.


For several months, the development of the project was possible thanks to the kindness of Ganaa and the precious help of François, a French friend of this family agency.

The exchanges via internet, we will allow to establish the following route over a period of 24 days:  

Ulan Bator/Olgi; Olgi/Tavan Bogd National Park; Khoton Lake/Khurgan Lake/Dayan Lake; Tolbo/khovd; Dorgon Lake; Lake Ereen with its dunes; Uliastay; Tosonchengel; Tsetserleg; Karakorum/Ulan Bator.

We will be welcomed at the airport by our guide Ganaa and Tuya, a young woman with the ability to speak both French and Mongolian and who will allow us to savor the customs of the country and the vagaries of travel.
In full, we will be 13 and 2 Russian trucks.

The Mongolian welcome, the immensity of the steppes, the wild beauty of the Altai, the khoomi, the yurts, the buuz, the naadam, vodka! our first rides, Tavan bogd, lakes and rivers, Tuva, kazakh, mosquitoes, sky, light, MIAT, dunes, boudha, eagles…………so many words and phrases that we will never forget not…so many associated memories…in a country that has enchanted us all!


Cécile et Jérôme

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Thank you so much for looking after us so well. We really did have a special time, and many Beijingers now wanting to visit. 

Alex Pearson

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Thank you to all of you, to e-Mongol who allowed this second trip, still so magical, and to all the Mongols we met. 

Other landscapes, other companions (but also the joy of reuniting with friends from two years ago),
other encounters, but the same feelings of happiness, serenity, a warm welcome everywhere... and the return to western civilization, the race against time, work,... is not easy .

The north and Lake Hovsghol are well worth the detour, the landscapes are magnificent (the path
taken to get there, by a region of volcanoes and Tsetserleg, was magnificent),
and in addition we were very lucky with the weather, three weeks of good weather almost non stop. 

We let ourselves be carried away, an organization that is still just as perfect, nothing to worry about, everything is going well (even the 4x4!). 

So... an appointment is made again, savoring in advance the pleasure of meeting again and rediscovering a forgotten rhythm.

Aline Mamin

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And yes, here we are returned to our life of debilitated Europeans. We see that the news passes quickly between UB and France!
It is an understatement to say that it went almost well. Everything went beautifully, and the welcome was
more than lives up to the good reputation given to mongolia.
The team that accompanied us really cared for us. The atmosphere was very friendly and always joyful!
Our equestrian guide and his nephew have chosen beautiful routes for us with fairly sporty stages (which suits us perfectly).
The people we met welcomed us in the purest tradition with all the gestures of hospitality that marked us (butter, milk, salted tea, cheese ... snuff, making Arkhi ...).
We have lessons to take from all these people who with little means make you have a great time.
We have attached some photos of our journey which will remain unforgettable.
We distribute the address of e-Mongol to all interested persons.

See you soon

Corinne et Sébastien Mennegaut

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e-Mongol was fantastic and the guides amazing. We looked on them as real friends. Bilgee and Byamba were especially helpful and kind.
A big thank you to everybody at e-Mongol for looking after us. We definitely couldn't have done this with out you guys

Richard Freeman (Center for fortean zoology)

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So, at the end of October, you organized a few days of excursions for us in Mongolia. As promised, here's a little throwback...

First of all, we would like to warmly thank our guide and our driver.

Our driver is a real road professional, he knows his road and his vehicle, which gives you confidence when you are faced with the immensity of Mongolia. And thank you for his humor.

We also want to emphasize the professionalism of our guide, who knew how to react in the event of unforeseen events. She was also very caring for us and we appreciated her help when small stomach problems arose. In addition, she was an outstanding cook. And friendly

The way the director and manager personalize their services is really nice. Thanks to them, you feel comfortable from the first minute.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone involved in this magnificent discovery.

By the way, if, one day or another, you wish to discover Switzerland, if you have the time, let us know… we are happy to be at your disposal.

Vicky Karlen & Alain Reuge 

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Dear Byamba,

It was a marvelous trip. We have seen lots of nice landscapes and meet lots of kind people, and we have loved have to do camping with Tuya and Mr. Baatar, and to spend time with you and your friend in UB.

Malaurie et Christophe Brunet

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Our choice in the 3 short weeks of travel in Mongolia to give a large place to the Gobi then to go up towards the center by Altaï and Ereen Lake by focusing our trip almost exclusively on nature was marvelously met by Byamba who organized the trip.

Two all-purpose vehicles, high on legs, allowing off-roading, fording, vehicles cherished and pampered by two admirable drivers (Davaa and Dogir), two pearls of good humor - and for fun, no need for a translator – two vehicles just a little harsh for our shoulders and our buttocks… Our guide (Zagsaa), French-speaking, sometimes a little shy or reserved, took us, with the help of the drivers (real connoisseurs of the desert who sometimes play a little hide-and-seek), in dream places where downtime is never long enough. 


At the stages, while we were all rushing, the men and some women to set up camp, other women to smoke cigarettes, Touya was preparing an unparalleled meal for us. Speed, kindness, efficiency, at this cook of circumstance. Never tired. Lunch and dinner, a full meal, except for the few meals taken in a restaurant, not luxury but nice. 
These drivers, knowing how to stop once in a yurt, once to help a broken down vehicle, once at a well... have always brought us as much as possible, but with delicacy and respect, into the home or the life of their fellow citizens. 


Without forgetting the evening camps where inevitably, riders, children, young girls simply come to bring as a welcome gift in this desert a pot of camel's milk, cheeses... not to sell but to offer, and to propose a ride on horseback or camel. For all these moments, thank you to the four Mongolians who accompanied us for being such good intermediaries who opened up the field of communication to us. Days without a European. 

Camps in fabulous places, sometimes grandiose, often solitary. And these fires sometimes in the evening, and these dung that Zagsaa with the man of the group picked up to cook the meal, and these rincettes along the way in a river almost in the middle of the desert, and this day of mirages...

It's just fleeting glances in the end, brief sharing, and that's what sticks in the memory most vividly. One does not leave Mongolia without a trace, and especially not the Gobi, if one has not entered it respectfully, both vis-à-vis men and nature. 

And finally, we are far away and, if the surprises along the way (breakdown, storm, detour and delay, etc.) are part of the trip, on the other hand in the organization (reception, cost, bad surprises, etc.) it was perfect .

Thanks to this team, thanks also to François. We have the impression of knowing him without having seen him.

It is also part of the trip. How do you look, François? 

Roger and Rita (6 amies et ami belgo-franco-suisse)

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First of all, I would like to thank you again and again for these unforgettable holidays!
Mongolia is a magnificent country where the words freedom, hospitality, kindness, sharing... find their full meaning. There would be so many things to say and unfortunately words are not enough to describe what we 
we lived!

You allowed us to discover this universe in the best possible conditions and if it were to be done again, nothing should be changed!!! If not stay much much longer!
Because the hardest thing after this great breath of fresh air and dreams was to come back to reality and to civilization!
However, we keep exceptional memories in our heads and our eyes are still filled with the thousands of stars that can be seen there!

For anyone who reads these comments and is hesitant to leave, look no further! Let them leave immediately with e-Mongol, eyes closed!

Mongolia and its inhabitants are exceptional and we cannot remain indifferent there! I hope we will return soon and this time also with Tuyag and Durjo!
Thank you thank you for these two weeks of dreams!

Elodie Tabur

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It was really difficult to come back to the reality of work after such a wonderful experience..

We really had a great time in Mongolia. And it is thanks to your professional organization but also the kindness and patience of Ariunaa and Zoorigoo. They also made our trip fantastic.
Even though I'm disappointed because I've been unlucky for fishing (rain almost every night!!!), it makes me happier to think I'll be back to catch a big taimen. And we only visited a small region of Mongolia.

We also want to thank Francois for all his e-mails, his availability and all his good advice. 1,000 thanks Francois.
I will send you our CD with all our images and when I have time the CD with our film.
Again, many many many thanks for all the memories we have in our minds for a long time. 

Many thanks to the whole e-Mongol team and the last dinner. It was giant
We hope to return soon.
Good luck for this summer and for the years to come.

Caroline et Grégory Michiels

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How to describe the indescribable? How to translate with words the emotions of our trip? Everything won us over, starting with the efficiency and kindness of our e-Mongol contacts, whom we thank for their availability and their humanity.

After the sedentary team, the friendliness and efficiency of the mobile team seduced us. For us it was quite simply the “dream team”. Manduusch, an exceptional smiling driver, full of humor, attentive to our well-being, to the road but also to everything that could amaze us, was an exceptional ambassador to the nomads. Tulga, the incredibly inventive aide-de-camp, made meals and camps real moments of conviviality with his good humor and his love of fishing. Schuree, the interpreter, brought us, in addition to his talents in French, his gentleness and all the opportunities to discover and appreciate this wonderful country.

In short, the best conditions were met for an exceptional trip, and it was.

We keep in our eyes and in our hearts the fabulous landscapes that allow us to understand the words "infinity" and "freedom" without forgetting the wonderful welcome of the Mongols. 


In our minibus with our friends we were the kings of the world and we would very much like to relive these wonderful moments with them again.

Share aïrak, salted milk tea, milk cream, cheeses, buuz, freshly caught fish...

Admire the riders, the herds, the black vultures, the fields of edelweiss.

Marvel at the cry of terns in Lake Ereen in the middle of the sand dunes.

Attempt friendly Mongolian wrestling with passing friends.

Ride a horse, even a camel...

Share vodka and sweets with the passing rider coming to discover our camp.

Bump along the edge of ravines in "almost" deserted valleys, eyes wide open by breathtaking landscapes. 


Everything delighted us, made us vibrate and brought us feelings of freedom and space that invite us to try again.

Words like hospitality, friendship, simplicity, generosity and sharing have taken on new meaning for us since this summer...


As for the quality of the organization, nothing to complain about. No false notes of any kind, which is rare! 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the whole team who offered us these moments of sharing: Gaana, Manduusch, Tulga, Schuree, as well as Byamba and her friend, without forgetting François, precious adviser for the realization of this trip.

Nicole et Rémy Muckensturm

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We would like to thank you for organizing a beautiful and perfect trip for us to all the different regions of Mongolia. 
Frequently traveling independently we had doubts about going on a fully organized tour, but it was wonderful. 
The organization was excellent and we wouldn't have seen so much of your beautiful country if we had traveled it independently.
Everything went very well thanks to your organization, the excellent driver and the very helpful guide. 
We also appreciated the flexibility of the team, foreseeing weather conditions and changing the itinerary on our request. 
The helpful and helpful behavior of e-Mongol was particularly confirmed when you helped us with some small problems that we had during the Naadam when our trip with you was over.
We recommend your company to everyone visiting Mongolia, one of the most amazing countries we have seen with the most hospitable people we have ever met. 
Thank you again for making our vacation one of our most memorable.

Claudio et Paulina

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That's it, we came back from Mongolia, and it was really an unforgettable trip!
The welcome was great: Ganaa is an exceptionally nice person, we really had a good time together in Ulaanbaatar.
The atmosphere in our minibus for 3 weeks was great. Oleg, our driver knew how to brave the worst bad weather and the worst tracks (we will remember the return from Lake Naiman under so much snow that the track
was impossible to find!), and Chimgee was able to cook us some nice little dishes, especially during Eric's famous 30th birthday party.
We were hot then cold then hot, but as Ganaa says, we experienced all the Mongolian seasons (although our cold was not really to be that of the real Mongolian winter!).
Vodka evening by the fire in Hongorin, Lake Naiman under the snow, horseback riding in Khovsgol, nights in a yurt with such welcoming people, our camps in the middle of nowhere but never far from a yurt, ... we keep so many pleasant images in mind that we already want to go back.
Thank you in any case for the many tips, and for making us have such a good time.

Eric, Nathalie et Muriel 

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I would like to thank e-Mongol, and especially you who organized my trip: it was perfect for all aspects, and I can tell you that I had a very good guide, one of the best I have ever had in my travels, and I have traveled a lot, over 75 countries.

I found Mongolia fascinating and wonderful, with incredible landscapes and very friendly people.

This is a trip that I would recommend for any nature lover, and I would especially like to recommend the e-Mongol agency and the guide Ganaa, really very very good, attentive, flexible, friendly and resourceful.

You will find attached photos, and also transmit my best memory to our driver who is also very good.

Sergio Ferreira 

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A message to thank you and the whole e-Mongol team for the good time we had in Mongolia. 

This trip was very very good and the delivery of e-Mongol very neat. It's very pleasant as a customer! Thank you for your return phone call, it's very nice and very professional. It's also great during the trip to have a team that knows how to adapt to the conditions, (like to exchange a night in a tent for a gers) with the concern for the little extra, for food or a camel ride.

It contrasts with the agencies where the service sticks 100% to the brochure!

Alexandra and Jean-Michel Peccoux

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Thank you to the e-Mongol team who guided us throughout this magnificent journey.
More than just a trip, it was a nice adventure that we went through with our Mongolian friends, who showed great professionalism, never caught off guard or short of ideas, whatever the situation.

The e-Mongol team, always attentive and full of resources, made us discover the beauty of its country, showed us the richness of its culture, and made us appreciate the generosity and nobility of its people. We have enriched ourselves by sharing their daily lives. In addition to the incredible landscapes that surrounded us, we discovered a proud and upright people.
In a word, trust them

Julie Lelandais

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The hardest thing with e-Mongol is the return home!
When saying goodbye after three weeks spent 24 hours a day together is heartbreaking as a teenager, there are no superlatives to qualify the welcome, the organization and the team.
I'm not even talking about the country and the people, I can just say that I can't imagine not going back there one day.
Almost three months since our return, and the memory of the moments shared still revives me. I simply want to set off again for an adventure with the same team.
Thank you Ganaa, Ouyka, Tulga, Byamba, Togo and Manu Chao.

If you hesitate to leave with e-Mongol, give me your place.

Ps: if sharing, kindness, freedom, temporal infinity, virgin nature, simple happiness frighten you, don't go with e-Mongol for a trip to Mongolia; stay in front of your television, there will be a report on the steppe. 

Nicolas Guibert

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Mongolia is a beautiful country. The infinite spaces, the tormented skies, the warmth of the population, the sunsets, the animals, all that is true but as there are already plenty of comments on it, I will talk about the accompanying team.

The 6 Mongolians who accompanied us had a special talent in addition to the "usual" skills (good guides, good drivers, good cook...), they knew how to give authenticity to the trip!

We felt extremely comfortable with them at home. We have the feeling of having visited the country from the inside.
We were able to build real relationships with them. We got along very well, we joked a lot together and we were able to exchange a lot of things.
To sum up, it's better to come back with the memory of having played a "France-Mongolia" at the entrance to the Gobi desert than to come back with just the memory of the entrance to the Gobi desert and there were memories like that every day there.


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I read in a book that Mongolia was the land of Infinite Space. It is also that of Powerful Emotions made of encounters along the roads with nomads, of warm welcome in the gers. 

It is also that of the Mischievous Laughs of Magnificent Children eager to learn and know... "Lark, nice lark" may still resonate in the steppe since our visit...

A bouquet of intense, colorful and sonorous images - those voices so warm and deep, a herd of wild horses galloping across the steppe, milking goats at dusk... - that we owe to our friends at e-Mongol . 

They allowed us with infinite kindness to discover this country and these rare men.
Thank you for this great lesson in hospitality and professionalism

The problem is that I would need an entire site to say everything that comes to mind and heart...

Josiane Gain

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Mongolia is a country that you can visit alone, even hitchhiking, but unless you have a lot of time ahead of you and a particular gift for exotic languages, you will stay completely outside, without understanding the daily life of this very people. endearing. 

In addition, some magnificent areas are only accessible if you have a personal means of transport, preferably very reliable because of the state of the slopes.
The success of this trip we owe a lot to the e-Mongol team, very professional and flexible in terms of organization. It is thanks to them that we were finally able to do the horseback riding we had hoped for, despite the persistent bad weather which had upset the schedule. 
Hats off again! to our driver for his double crossing of the Orkhon in flood and to our guide for the daily organization, not to mention his culinary talents, 

and to both of you for having known how to make us discover Mongolian culture from the inside, from "how to behave in a ger" to local card games embellished with a few sips of airag, this drink
fabulous and unknown.

Valérie et Vincent

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It was a wonderful trip for me to be hold in Mother Nature in mid July. Our six day trip was so impressive covering the ancient capital Kharakhorin, some old temples/monasteries, several visits to normadic families living in their traditional moving house Ger where we were treated to Mongolian dinamic and delicious meat dishes, horseriding in the beautiful wilderness, Orkhon waterfall, as well as enjoying Naadam festival with horse-racing, wrestling and archery. 

Everything was so nice that I had my fill of satisfaction and will never forget it. I would like to appreciate the whole service and arrangement that your company meticulously provided for us.
Particularly, the tour conductor Ganaa helped us realize all we wanted with his responsive and flexible support. He arranged even a herd of camels and eagles to show us! (That was, actually, more than just lucky coincidence, I believe.) 

Thank you very much again and let me expect that I can have such a service next time, too. 

Keiko Kato

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It is with death in the soul that we resume our daily and obligatory tasks... We experienced strong and unforgettable moments, as I had never experienced before. Mongolia is a truly superb country, with magnificent landscapes and exceptional inhabitants.

Every morning since my return, I wonder why I didn't stay there... In short, our heads and our hearts are full of extraordinary things, which  won't be leaving anytime soon...

Thanks to you for this extra organization, and to e-Mongol for this great work. There is really nothing to say about e-Mongol, because everything was perfect. A flawless organization, highly competent people (Ganaa, Gina, Terbish...), in the organization, the respect of the schedule, the freedom of action, the explanations, the security, the food, in short, an impeccable management ... It's awesome.

But above all we have discovered great friends, and we are already looking forward to seeing them again as soon as possible... 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and see you very soon.

Fabian Bourdin

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Our trip was a total success, both for the beauty and diversity of the landscapes and for the organization. The latter was flawless and we were lucky to have a guide and a driver who, both with great skill, showed us the facets of their country and who gave themselves
a lot of trouble to provide us with the greatest possible comfort. 

If I wanted to sum up our experience of this trip, I would say that, if we could, we would leave tomorrow for Mongolia.
That's it, it's completely sincere, I wouldn't write it if we didn't think so.
We are also at the disposal of future travelers who would like to have information, and who knows maybe another time.

Jean-Claude et Jacqueline Gressot

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I found in Mongolia what I had been looking for for the past 5 years in India, Kashmir, South Africa and elsewhere...

On the one hand, the landscapes are magical, from the desert to the steppes, from the forests to the mountain lakes, with so few cities, roads and so many different animals, magnificent vegetation.

On the other hand, it is among this people so nomadic and so endearing that I found "my" truth: their respect for nature favors the Buddhist consciousness of the "ONE", and it is by meditating in front of Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan  under the protection of an eagle that I truly communed with “Our Mother Earth”.


From a slightly less mystical point of view, the organization of e-Mongol is excellent. Security, attention, mastery of the unexpected, perfect knowledge of their country, these are the main words that could define our trip. 

But above all there would be: vigils around the fire, our sometimes extreme driving of the jeep, giggles during horseback rides, passionate discussions about our respective lives, breakfasts by the rivers, emergency retreats during storms , endless gift exchanges… that's what I think of when I think of Bilgee, Zuur and everyone we met.

The 2 young women that we are really had the feeling of living with family for 18 days, with lots of affection and laughter, and above all the feeling of having really communicated during all this time, without systematic translation...


The departure is one of the most difficult moments of my last 10 years, I really feel like I left a part of me there. But over time, this sadness of returning has turned into impatient certainty because I know that I will go back there one day soon, and maybe stay there!!

Marie-Pierre Chassain

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Going to Mongolia... a dream that was born over the pages of a beautiful book recounting the expedition of a photographer in the mid-90s, a book that had been in my library since then, and that I leafed through regularly. ...go there one day???? 

And the decision was made: we are going to Mongolia, to discover the steppes, the forests, the lakes, an authentic and still preserved people, with their beliefs and their relationship with nature so particular and so rich....  


And that's what we found there, and even more ... well beyond our expectations, accompanied and more exactly surrounded by the e-Mongol team, full of warmth and desire to share with us the love of their country and their culture. 


Discussions by the fire, between English and Mongolian languages, sometimes with a lot of gestures, the giggles (laughter is indeed a universal mode of communication, this was the opportunity to check it!), the good little simmered dishes on the fire by our cook, card games, horseback riding, random encounters with Mongolians along our route... nothing that hasn't left fabulous memories in our memories... colorful images. ..


After 2 weeks of itinerant expedition together, this little family finally said goodbye to Oulan Bator, around a dinner, exchange of gifts, a lot of emotion and tenderness, hard to leave them and tears in their eyes. airport to finish because without them, the discovery of Mongolia would never have had the same flavor.


And always one thing in mind: to come back one day!

Véronique Boyer

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First of all, I met people of exceptional kindness, and above all who knew their country particularly well and who taught me to love it and  to appreciate it.
This trip was for me an escape into a new world full of richness and naivety (something lacking in our environment).
The landscapes that I saw are unique and leave me wanting to go back there to feel this very specific atmosphere of this wonderful country.

Carlo Bertuzzi

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It is really impossible to see anything interesting in Mongolia if you want to be content with traveling in the classic way, by taking public transport.
10% of the roads are paved, there are practically no road signs, and the tracks, damaged by the weather, are very difficult.

The interesting natural sites are not served, the habitat is essentially nomadic.

It is also very difficult to communicate without an interpreter.


Also, when we decided to come to Mongolia, we searched the Internet for organizations offering trips to the heart of the country, by jeep and sleeping in tents or yurts.

e-Mongol was one of the best placed in terms of prices (be careful, this can go from simple to triple) and provided all the camping equipment while allowing an “à la carte” organization. We did not want to go on a circuit without the possibility of fitting it out according to our desires, there were enough of us to form a group (8) and the proposal suited us perfectly. 

Finally, we decided to drive the vehicles (jeeps) ourselves.

If you make this choice, know that driving on tracks in Mongolia is difficult, sometimes dangerous (due to the state of the tracks), but that it is a very good school!


We did not have to regret our choice. The guides are exceptional (thank you, the mechanics, essential!) and have become friends. Joy reigned in the camps: it is better to leave having revised your repertoire of songs, otherwise you do a poor job, in the evening by the fireside!

Everywhere we were welcomed with an extraordinary sense of hospitality, and we can tell you that fermented milk and mare's alcohol is delicious contrary to what people say.


Mongolia is an unforgettable country for nature lovers. The landscapes are grandiose, the view unlimited and huge herds graze freely. You can see lots of wild animals there.

It is also so thanks to the kindness, the joie de vivre, the hospitality and the beauty of its inhabitants.

It is a country where we want to return.

Catherine et Jacques Etienne

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 have finally arrived back in Ireland. I just want to say "Thank you ssooooo much" for taking us on an amazing tour of the land of Chingis Khann. You have a very beautiful country. I felt in very safe hands with your company and will highly reccomend it to anyone traveling to Mongolia. I have many wonderful photographs to remind me of the trip and to share with my friends and students here. Everyone is amazed!
I hope to travel there again soon! thanks again

Aine Sreenan

IMG_8945 Copie Copie.jpg

Thank you for all the kindness and service mind you showed us during our travel in Mongolia. 

Without help and support from e-Mongol skilled driver and interpreter it would have been very hard to travel through the mongolian countryside. 

Our thoughts often returns to Mongolia, especially to the beautiful Khovsgol area with its astonishing landscape scenes.

Mattias Edman et Christer Wiklund

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