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                Travelling far away in a land of dreams
Our expeditions in Mongolia



e-Mongol has from its beginning assured the local preparation and logistics for many profesional expeditions and gained a great experience in this field.


We are always ready to serve as partners the the most exciting and original adventures, with a spirit based on respect and safety


You will find on this page the presentations of the main past and future expeditions.


Almas expedition 2006



adam-davies_is-it-real-russian-bigfoot.jpg (66513 octets)

Our friend Adam Davies

In summer 2006 ,the e-Mongol team were involved in the making of a Major International Documentary for National Geographic television.


The documentary ,entitled `Russian Bigfoot` followed British Explorer Adam Davies ,as he investigated stories if the legendary Almas creature ,which is said to live in both Russia and the Altai mountains of Mongolia.

The film proved to be a very popular international success.


  Expedition Croisiere des steppes

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A french archeological expedition has conducted a survey study about the petroglyphs and their conservation in the west of Mongolia, under the sponsorship of the mongolian and french authorities in July 2005 with the logistic of e-Mongol

Expedition Death worm 2005


Two years after the previous expedition, another group of english scientitst left with an e-Mongol team for the extreme south of the mongolian Gobi desert in may 2005 to search the mythic Gobi deathworm. You can review a live report of the expedition on their website.

  Info, tales and photoes on our special page


Raid Bordeaux - Shanghai 2004


After a long preparation, the Bordeaux-Shanghai raid allowed its happy participants to drive the longest terrestrial route from Atlantic to Pacific. The crossing of Mongolia prepared and guided by e-Mongol was by far its best part by the cultural discoveries and the technical challenge.

Info, tales and photoes on our special page


Expedition Alghoi Khorkhoi 2003


The english founders of Extreme expeditions have organised an expedition to discover the Gobi deathworm or Alghoi Khorkhoi. A team from e-Mongol guided them through the most remote and desolated area of the Gobi where they have gained informations and testimonies but not any material proof of the animal itself.  

Info, tales and photoes on our special page


Ushuaia 2003


Nicolas Hulot and Byamba.JPG (232991 octets)

e-Mongol provided partial support to the filming expedition in Mongolia of the famous french TV program's team in september 2003, in Hustai and Orkhon valley areas. Many thanks to Remy for having introduced us to the team and allowing to meet and exchange with Nicolas Hulot..

Photoes of the filming


Reco raid Bordeaux - Shanghai 2003


The preparation of this extraordinary raid has needed 2 complete recos of the mongolian route to define and validate the itinerary and the GPS points. The reco made jointly with the organising team at the end of the harsh mongolian winter will remain as a true human adventure magnified by superbs cultural exchanges.

Info, tales and photoes on our special page


Expedition Centre Terre - Khovsgol 2001



    mg0681.jpg (59647 octets)

The french potholing association Centre Terre organised an expedition with the support of e-Mongol to prospect geological favorable area near the lake Khovsgol. They discovered the biggest and deepest cave already known in Mongolia. This unexpected discovery opens the way for future discoveries. 

Info, tales and photoes on our special page



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