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Travelling far away in a land of dreams

Expedition Deathworm 2005


In search of the mythic Gobi death worm 








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Two years after the search of Extreme expeditions, a team of CFZ (Center for fortean zoology) decided to return to explore the south Gobi, firmly decided to capture a worm to show its to science. They again trusted e-Mongol and his experience of conduit of expeditions, to guide them in the desolated zones where the animal was already seen. In order to multiply their chances of capture, they made distribute to the stockbreeders of these zones by e-Mongol before their arrival a leaflet promising reward against the capture of a dead or alive worm!


Artist view of the worm by our friend painter Jargalan



Allghoi Khorhoi team.JPG (123318 octets) The 8 team members left Ulaanbaatar the 1st of may, 2005 for a one month expedition.


From left to rigth : Byamba (e-Mongol CEO) , Togoo (driver), Tulga (cook), Jonathan Hare, Christopher Clark, Dave Churchill, Richard Freeman, Bilgee (guide) and Davaa (driver). 


The expedition exited from the desert and came back safely in Ulaanbaatar the 26 th of may without having found the mythic beast. But the team has accumulated an important collection of similar reports from eyewitnesses that have increased their belief that it does exist a kind of worm-lizard or snake in the deep sands of south Gobi.

  The first photoes of the expedition from e-Mongol guiding team
   300-0054_img.jpg (55736 octets)   300-0057_img.jpg (67680 octets)   300-0059_img.jpg (86606 octets)   300-0066_img.jpg (81821 octets)
   201-0117_img.jpg (139896 octets)   200-0025_img.jpg (47896 octets)   200-0086_img.jpg (137495 octets)   200-0008_img.jpg (113407 octets)



Further information about expedition    



  Live report and photoes on their website, click on the logo below




  Full length vido documentary and other related videos on CFZ investigates


  Tales of the 2003 expedition on our special page


  The Alghoi Khorkhoi (literally intestinal worm) is a mythical animal known by mongolians since long time but not indexed by science for the reason that no specimen could yet be captured or studied.

It is described like a big worm of approximately 80 cm length living in very remote sand areas of Gobi desert and leaving to the free air only very seldom, in summer. He is considered as a  "terrible" animal able to kill in an unexplained way any man who touch it (poison, static electricity?)

The first report on this animal came from the famous paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews which was asked to capture it by the Prime Minister of Mongolia in 1922.

The local belief of the existence of Alghoi Khorkhoi is very widespread and could accredit the assumption that an unknown animal, worm or reptile could still remain unknown by science from its great discretion and its desertic and hostile unhabitat.  


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