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Expedition Centre Terre - Khovsgol 2001


A first for Centre Terre with e-Mongol 


After the success of their last expedition in Patagonia, the highly skilled speleologists of association Centre Terre decided at the end of 2000 to prospect Mongolia, country of which under ground is almost unexplored.


A group of 6 of them, Jean François Pernette - Richard Mayor - Jacques Sautereau de Chaffe alias “the Baron” - Yves Prunier - Michel Luquet and Jacques Durand designed an expedition of recognition to the north of the country, and especially the area of the Khovsgol lake which seemed promising regarding its geological characteristics.


For the logistic part, they chose E-Mongol who was able to answer their demanding specifications (see detail below).


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The date of the departure was fixed at July 12. After having accomodated them in Ulaanbaatar, their guides - of which the French-speaking interpreter Anya (beside picture)  who quickly became the mascot of the team - guided towards the mountains surrounding the lake where the recognitions were undertaken, by foot or horse around the base camp.

 Many cavities discovered or indicated by the local families appeared disappointing, before they discover the opening of a vertical pit in a remote valley named Orhot.

  Exploration will allow the discovery of longest, deepest and certainly most beautiful cave of Mongolia with its multitudes of concretions of an immaculate white.  

The existence of this unknown cave shows that in spite of the thickness of the permafrost and the significant seismic activity of the area, others discovered remain to be carried out.  

Our explorers already think of returning with more consequent means for a new expedition.



The team celebrates the success of this first expedition on the shores of the Khovsgol lake



Further information about the expedition 



  Expedition Ultima Patagonia and preparation of expedition in Mongolia : National Geographic June 2001


  Expedition in Mongolia : National Geographic May 2002

  Map of the Orhot cave 

  Photo gallery of the expedition

  Logistic provided by e-Mongol 


We placed at the disposal of the team, 4 guides: 2 drivers/mechanics, 1 english speaking  guide, 1 french-speaking interpreter/cook, as well as the horses and local guides necessary to the prospection.


The material included 2 minibuses 4X4 as well as the camping equipment including a large tent of work and an electric generator unit for the video and the electronic material. E-Mongol also provided all the food, drinks and cooking



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