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Bordeaux-Shanghai Raid 2004 partner of an exceptional raid  



Bordeaux - St Petersburg - Moscou - Ulaanbaatar - Shanghai


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Well done !

After almost two years of preparation (the departure of the raid initially planned from  Bordeaux on August 27, 2003 had been postponed to May 14, 2004, the fault with the SARS which had forbidden the recognition in China and had cooled down the enthusiasm of the participant) the Bordeaux-Shanghai raid has traversed the 14.000 kms in the 40 assigned days, congratulations !

All the participants joined the arrival in Shanghai without any particular problems and the mind full with fabulous memories of this immense terrestrial crossing.

The crossing of Mongolia through amazing vastnesses of beauty, and the discovery of the rich culture of the empire of the steppes will remain undoubtedly like the part of the raid having provided the most of emotions and meeting.

Partner of the organization for Mongolia, the team of E-Mongol prepared and guided this voyage through the most remote steppes and deserts, and presented unique cultural  demonstrations. She knew to ensure herself, the respect, the friendship and the recognition of the whole caravan. 

---- July 05, 2004


Introduction of the raid to Mongolia 



14.000 kms: 3.000 kms in Europe, 6.000 kms in Russia, 3.000 kms in Mongolia (map), 2.000 kms in China, here are for the figures


To connect the Atlantic to the Pacific by the longest terrestrial road in the opposite way of  the historical invaders, here is for the sense.


To support the exchanges along the route and to take care not to leave any negative trace of the passage, here is for ethics.


Bordeaux-Shanghai is not a speed race but above all an ambitious and high-level touristic and cultural raid.

Top-of-the-range adventure, this raid must be made safe and supported by experienced men. The team of e-Mongol is proud that the originator and organizer of this raid, Daniel Boulogne, called upon their experience of 4WD self driving trips and expeditions in the country to ensure at the time of the crossing of Mongolia, the guidance of the raid and the logistic and cultural services.

A blasted challenge of logistic and human organization on grounds where the unforeseen forms integral part of the voyage, and where Nature can return to the modern man a little his humility in front of its beauties and almost its angers.


Map of the itinerary of the raid in Mongolia 



Bordeaux Shanghai raid in Mongolia - 1st to 14th of june 2004 


3,000 kms in 14 days (including 3 days of rest) with an average speed of 30km/h, without breaking the material while taking time to discover the rich culture of the steppes: the challenge was serious for the caravan of the raid made up of 4x4, quads and truck 6x6, having left Bordeaux on May 14 and having traversed 9,000 kms before approaching the vastnesses of Mongolia


The raid fell in another world by leaving Russia on June 1 in the mountains of Altaï,


Good-bye asphalt roads and welcome in the deserts and vast steppes of Mongolia, inhabited by the nomads and the wolves since millenia, the cradle of the empire of Ghengis Khan.


The team of e-Mongol consisted of 12 people: guides, drivers, mechanics, helpers and a police officer divided in 4 UAZ 4x4 vehicles of which one road opening car and an end car equipped with telephones satellite and GPS.


It welcomed the raid at the border to drive it in a lost valley of Bayan Olgii to the meeting of the Khazakh culture.

Eagle hunting, equestrian games, archery caused emotions and laughs under the sun  and the flight of eagles


From the following day, terrestrial cruising started to the civilization (the capital 2000 kms in the east.)


By then, only small cities seeming having escaped from a western movie, and the interminable labyrinth of tracks ad infinitum traversing amazing landscapes of wild beauty, strewn with the white yurts and semi-savages herds of the nomads.


The participants quickly understood the utility of the road book established by e-Mongol and the hundreds of waypoints GPS necessary to cross the country in less than 3 months!



The original itinerary designed apart from the most practiced tracks did not present great difficulties and required more endurance than technicity.


Nevertheless, some tricky passages in the rocks, climbings of mountains passes, crossings of dunes and fords (including one forced with the recent collapse of the bridge!) have spiced the expedition and allowed to test the mechanics and the pilotes that managed these difficulties without problem, congratulations.



The lunches and camps were placed in imposing sites, and the cultural events: day with Khazakhs, concert of throat singing at the edge of a splendid lake, camel ridings in the dunes, horse-race (500 witnesses!), equestrian raising, traditional cooking, night in yurtes 

have rewarded at the stages the efforts of the day. 


Without talking of the meetings with the nomads along the tracks: caravans of yaks or camels, yurt camps : telescopings between two worlds simple but always the eternal hospitality with the travellers and the natural exchanges. The smiles were more brilliant than the sun.


The participants fell under the absolute charm from the landscapes and especially from the reception from a warm people, proud from his culture and its history.



After one day of stage in the capital Ulaanbaatar, quickly last between the necessary shower, the tourist visits and the various protocolar and media obligations, the caravan set out again to cross the mythic Gobi Desert.


This one was carried out without notable problem, with some last surprises like that to make the race with herd of gazelles at 80km/h ! 


The night before the crossing of the Chinese border, the team separated in middle of Gobi by a  friendly French-Mongolian song contest. All the participatants greeted the e-Mongol team for his competence in the guidance and the preparation of the raid like for its friendly and efficient support. And all promised to return in Mongolia with e-Mongol. It is thus only one goodbye!



  Recognition of the route in 2003




The road and the program in Mongolia were to be validated during the complete recognition of the race which left Bordeaux on April 5th  to stop at the to to border between China and Mongolia on May 14, 2003. The recognition of the Chinese road was postponed due to the probable delays or detours that could be caused by the current contagion of the SRAS in China.


The goal of this recognition was to establish the road book given to the participants. For Mongolia, and considering the quasi total absence of roads and the many traps of the track, the road book could only be established with GPS waypoints.

If the division of the stages did not poses any major concern in Europe, Russia and China, the road and the timing in Mongolia were carefully to be evaluated and approved by the organizers of the raid.


In order to facilitate this work on the road book, e-Mongol led a complete preliminary exploration of the road with collecting of GPS points GPS and digital photographs before the arrival of the organization team.


The junction occured at the border post with Russia at Tsaganuur (Bayan Olgi) on April 25, between the team of recognition led by Daniel Boulogne, originator and producer of the raid, and the e-Mongol team directed by Byambadalai Badam, cofounder and chairman of LLC.


The recognition was a true human and technical adventure. The French-Mongolian caravan of 12 members, 4 vehicles 4X4 and has two-seat paramotor has overcomed the mechanical and climatic challenges and crossed the country west to east by dirty tracks. not always more dolly. The e-Mongol team thanks to his preparation and organization without fault carried out prowesses to help the caravan to cross-country race race race race Mongolia and achieve its goal in the best leadtime.


  e-Mongol photo galleries on the reco (click to enlarge) 

Gallery pre-reco south - 26th march to 3rd april 2003 - 2,500 kms

   26th march, 2003 - 20 kms south of Ulaanbaatar. The first turns of wheels for the Bordeaux - Shanghai
    Jagaa, Bilgee and Ganaa, the three members of the pré reco team in the south     Stop at the first ovoo to have a good travel
    Road in Baga gazriin chuluu (dandgov)  Camp in Bayanzag, the dinosaur cliff  Gobi wild donkeys (Khulan in mongolian)   Road to Khanbogd

Gallery pre-reco north - 14th to 25th april 2003 - 2,500 kms

    L'équipe de reconnaissance (de gauche à droite) : Baigal - Cuisinère / Jaaga - chauffeur mécanicien / Byamba - chef d'expédition / Mr Yolk - présentateur vedetee de la télé nationale mongole, en charge de l'organisation des manifestations culturelles sur le raid / Baatar - chauffeur mécanicien / Asent sur la photo Bilgee - pilote road book et GPS   Passage délicat entre rivière et rochers lors de la traversée de l'Arkhangai  L'équipe dans la tempête de neige  Piste vers l'Altaï

Gallery raid reco - 25th april to 17 may 2003 - 3200 kms

    Découverte de la photo numérique par une famille Khazakh (Bayan Olgi)  Caravane de yaks en pleine tempête de neige dans l'Arkhangai  Démontage de camp et chargement sur chameaux  Montage de camp (Arkhangai)
    Chasseurs à l'aigle Khazakhs (Bayan Olgi)  Moine au monsatère d'Erdenezuu à Kharkhorin (Ovorkhangai)  Eleveur Khazakh (Bayan olgi)  Jeunes bergers de rencontre (Arkhangai)
    Dunes du mongol els et chaîne de l'Altaï Gobi Sites funéraires Scythes dans l'Altaï ( 8ème à 3ème Siècle avant JC)  Pistes vers l'Arkhangai (Zavkhan) Piste vers Khovd dans la dépression des grands lacs   
    Chameaux au bord du lac Khar us (Khovd) Vallée de l'Altaï (Bayan Olgi) Taishir : préfecture dans la Gobi Altaï Coucher de soleil sur la steppe (Khovd)   
    Nombreuses traversées de gués sur le parcours, ici près du volcan Khorgo (Arkhangai) Camp au lac Tolbo : - 15°C la nuit (Bayan Olgi) Pont dans l'Arkhanghai : suffit d'y croire ! Chevauchée mécanique sur la piste de Khovd dans l'Altaï
    Une montée de col un peu boueuse avec le dégel (Bayan Olgi) Vol du paramoteur au dessus du lac Ereen (Zavkhan)  Piste rocheuse vers le Gobi  (Dundgov) Devant le monastère Erdenezu à Kharkhorin (Ovorkhanghai)   
    Lac Tolbo en pleine débacle (Bayan Olgi)  Banquise sur la rivière Zavkhan (massif de l'Arkhanghai)  Banquise sur la rivière Zavkhan (massif de l'Arkhanghai)  Lac Terkhiin tsagaan (Arkhanghai)
    Rivière Terkh (Arkhanghai)  Rivière Terkh (Arkhanghai)  Lac Ereen ((Zavkhan)  Rivière de montagne encore gelée à coeur dans l'Altaï

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