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Recent photos - Archives 2004
  Ulaanbaatar - December 20, 2004

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 black market 6.jpg (79415 octets)    pic11.jpg (70097 octets)    food market 2.jpg (93359 octets)    People doesn't play on billiard table in the winter.jpg (105796 octets)

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  Ulaanbaatar - November 08, 2004
   New settlement in UB suburb 2.JPG (124888 octets)    Newly opened food market near e-mongol office .JPG (98114 octets)    Woman carrying water in UB suburb.JPG (94161 octets)    Wood and coal seller in suburb of UB.JPG (91614 octets)
  South of Ulaanbaatar and North Gobi - July, 17 2004
   Moving by tractor, Adaatsag soum, Dundgobi aimag, July 2004.JPG (60426 octets)    Goat milking, Bagagazriin chuluu, Dundgobi aimag, July 2004.JPG (102373 octets)    Ganbat, Tuv aimag, July 2004.jpg (87196 octets)    Horses during hot day, Tuv aimag, July 2004.JPG (143057 octets)
  Ulaanbaatar - Great Naadam - July, 12 2004
   Naadam 2004 horse race camp.JPG (71878 octets)    Naadam 2004 - stadium.JPG (107203 octets)    Naadam 2004 horse race 2.JPG (51692 octets)    Naadam 2004 horse race 4.JPG (93395 octets)
  Ulaanbaatar and around - June, 27 2004
   Tuul river after the rain    Election advertisement    Gers near the Tuul river    Young horse boys
  South of Ulaanbaatar - April, 4 2004
   Tuul river    Horses in the steppe    Gers in spring   Baby sheeps
  Ulaanbaatar and around (Altanbulag) - Februar, 26 2004 - Tsagaan Sar celebration (read)
   Byamba visiting his friend Baatar and familly with tradionnal food    Around thirty young sheeps and goats in Baatar's familly   Traditionnal snuff exchange between Byamba and Ganbat ( Baatar's son )   Prayers in Gandan monastery in Ulanbaatar  


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