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A mongolian touch for your 

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Wallpapers & Screensaver of Mongolia

e-Mongol's screensavers


The best of Mongolia in a slideshow of  15 stunning views !

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Skies of Mongolia are always magnificent, even dramatic

Discover their magic with these 16 amazing pictures brougth from our travels

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Wallpapers of Mongolia

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dscf3616.jpg (215075 octets)

img_2509.jpg (107221 octets)

Kazakh gers in Altai

Ureg lake


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Gandan monastery - Ulaanbaatar

Ongi river (919382 octets)

Gandan monastery

Ongi river

Orkhon river

Horses in Ovorkhangaï


Orkhon valley

Horses in Ovorkhangaï


Mongolia - Mongolie - Horse on khovsgol lake in winter.jpg (79118 octets)

Mongolia - Mongolie - ice of khovsgol lake.jpg (65904 octets)


Horse pulling sledge

Ice of Khovsgol lake



103-0354_IMG.JPG (130127 octets)



Magic light of Altaï


Tchoïdjiin Lam monastery in Ulaanbaatar

Gers near water


Tchoïdjiin Lam monastery

Gers near water


103-0361_IMG.JPG (134855 octets)



Sunset in Altaï mountains



Erdenezu monastery

Mongol els


Erdenezu monastery

Mongol els


101-0177_img.jpg (154754 octets)

dscn0342.jpg (151068 octets)


Zavkhan river



img_0847.jpg (292000 octets)



Tovkhon monastery



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