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Gallery 1 - Pictures of Mongolia from our trips

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Here are some of our  pictures of Mongolia and its superbs unhabitants spreaded out on several pages

Khovsgol lake(25264 octets)Khovsgol lake(47694 octets)Khovsgol lake(27558 octets)Khovsgol lake(22897 octets)

Reflects of instant emotion, they could however not render all the greatness of a land and a people

Sunset on the Khovsgol lake (15925 octets)Sunrise on theKhovsgol lake (16454 octets)Visit to the Lham Jav familly - Khovsgol  (29766 octets)Moonrise - Arkhangai  (19383 octets)

Dream begins here ... and could become reality in space and wind of the steppes.

See our individual travels proposals

Ovoo - Arkhangai  (29139 octets)Ovoo at Tekhiin Tsagaan lake (22805 octets)Road - Ovorkhangai  (22379 octets)Road - Töv (28063 octets)

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 and let your trip begins ... 

Yaks - Arkhangai  (30719 octets)Yaks at Khovsgol lake (36839 octets)Dunes - Dundgov (54417 octets)Selenge river (32140 octets)

Infinite landscapes, welcoming people, nomad culture and wild nature are waiting for you 

 Morning- Selenge (28954 octets)Storm in the steppes - Bulgan (18535 octets)Steppes - Töv (24926 octets)Steppes - Selenge (20421 octets)

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Steppes - Bulgan (23927 octets)Cattle in the steppe - Bulgan (18847 octets)Steppes - Khovsgol (21215 octets)Terkhiin Tsagaan lake (19833 octets)


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