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  Art & Humanities


The Art of Mongolia - Exhibition in Asian art museum (SF - 1995)

Cybergallery - Mongolian cave art 

Temuulen Jugder - Mongolian painter



Mongolian and Tuvinian Music

Real World of Mongol song

Saraa official web site

Throat singing home page

Hosoo - Master of Xoomei (throat singing)



David Edwards Fine Photographes: Mongolia

Mongolia Photo Album

Virtual Mongol - Some of the most beautiful pictures of Mongolia on the web

Mongol Impressions-Photo Gallery

Naadam 2006 - A great gallery on this special event by Hans Hendriksen a Dutch travel photographer

Magicphotoworld : Mongolia

NEW Landscape & ethnic photography from Mongolia, Altai and Tuva - Great pictures galleries by Pavel Filatov  


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  Business & Economy

Bemm Company - Mining

Bizinfo - Business information & service 

BSBService - Business cooperation  

Datacom - Internet Service Provider

G&M Industrial - Manufacturer and Trader of Leather

Genco Group - Various industrial and services companies  

IkhKharanga Co,. LtdInfoCon. - ICT Consulting Services  

JSC KAMKABEL - Supply of electric power cables and wires

KhanBrau - Beer manufacturer 

Magicnet - Internet Service Provider

MIAT- Mongolian Airlines

Mobicom Corporation - Mongolian cellular telephone service company

MobiNet - Internet Service provider

MongolDaatgal - Insurances

MongolTrans - International freight forwarders  

MongolianTransport Team - Freight forwarder

Monmap - Engineering  

Nyamgavaa - Film production

Talst - Construction materials

Telecom Mongolia - Mongolian Telecommunications Company

Tuushin Company

Ulaanbaatar Khivs - Carpet Manufacturing and trading

Zigzag - 4WD cars accessories



Mongolian Stock Exchange

Anod Bank

Invessco - Consulting and financial services

Anod Bank

Ministry of Finance

Mongol Bank - Central Bank of Mongolia

Reconstruction Bank of Mongolia

Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia



Asian Chamber of Commerce

Board of Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Agency

Market Research Institute  - Trade and industry promotion agency

Mongolian Business Development Agency

Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Mongolia Law library - Includes economic laws of Mongolia


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  Computer & Internet
  Companies & Ressources 


Datacom - Internet Service Provider

Domain Register .MN - Register you domain in Mongolia  

Internet & Information Center

Magicnet - Internet Service Provider  

MICOM - Internet Service Provider

MobiNet - Internet Service provider

Montstudnet - Mongolian youth & student network

ZF design - Web design agency


  Chat rooms

Mongol chat

Sondor chat room



Shandas - Classic Mongol True Type Font

Mongolian Language Support - Sotware and fonts for mongolian script 


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  Country information

3D Flag of Mongolia



  General information

Country Information: Mongolia - Asian Institute of Technology

Consulting Deutschland-Mongolei- In German

Great Mongol Home Page

Infosystem Mongolei

Mongolia : a country study - Dated but rich site

Mongolia Homepage

Mongolia Home Page - by Avery Press

Mongolia - The Land between Siberia and China  

Mongolia FAQ


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  School & Universities

Dankook university mongolian language dept.

Knowledge web

Mongolian Technical University  

Mongolian Agricultural University

School of Economics Studies 

The International School of Mongolian Studies

The National University of Mongolia


  Student associations


Monstudnet - Mongolian youth & student network

Mongolian Student Association of America

Mongolian students in India



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  Government & Politics
  Embassies & representations

Embassy of Mongolia in United States (Washington)

Embassy of Mongolia in Belgium (Brussels)

Embassy of Mongolia in China (Beijing)

Embassy of Mongolia in Japan (Toyko)

Permanent Mission of Mongolia  - United Nations (New York)


  Mongolian government & bodies

Constitution of Mongolia

Government of Mongolia

Guide to Law Online : Mongolia

Institute for strategic studies

Mongolian Parliament

State Property Committee of Mongolia

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of External Relations

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health and Social welfare

Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Nature and the Environment

Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia

Mongolia Law library

Mongolian Legal Information

National Statistical Office

Petroleum Authority Mongolia

Supreme Court of Mongolia

Tuv aymag


  Political parties

Mongolian Liberal Democratic Party

Mongolian Social Democratic Party

Mongolian Democratic New Socialist Party


  Related lands

Free Southern Mongolia

Friends of Tuva

Inner Mongolia Home Page

Kalmuck Oirat Times

Republic of Buryatia

The Republic of Buryatia Home Page

The Unofficial Evenki Home Page



Report on Human Rights Practices for 1998 - by US State Department


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  News & Media

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Email Daily News

Ger - Online magazine

Khentii News

Mongolia on line

Mongol Messenger - Montsame news agency

Mongolia Today  - Web magazine

One World News Service: Mongolia

Radio Ulaanbaatar FM102.5 - Mongol music

Voice of Mongolia - Mongolia radio and television

WashingtonPost: Mongolia


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  Forgein organizations

Amnesty International - Publications & News Releases

Asia Foundation Programs in Mongolia

Friends of Mongolia - US association

Christina Noble Children's Foundation

Italia - Mongolia association - Cultural association  

Mongolia and Wyoming/Montana

Mongolian-American Friendship Project

Mongolian Orphans Association - Flagstaff International Relief Effort (Arizona)

Peace Corps Mongolia

Rotary International

United Nations in Mongolia

Soros foundation - Mongolian foundation for Open Society

World Health Organization in Mongolia


  Mongolian organizations

Liberal woman's brain pool

Mongolia child development center

Mongolian Artisans' Aid Foundation

Mongolian Children's Cultural Foundation

Mongolian Draughts Federation

Mongolian Football Federation

Women for Social Progress Movement

Women's Information and Research Center


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  Personal pages

Baatar's home page - Great page on the Gobi desert

Mongolia World - Page of links

Roger Gruy's home page  - Impressions from Mongolia (living and traveling tales)

Oyunbilig's Great Mongol Home Page - Lot of general information  

Tomokazu's Mongolia Page - Cool page of links and travel reports  


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Academy of Natural Sciences

Dinosaurs in the Dunes - By the Discovery Channel  

Eastern steppe biodiversity project

Gobi : Dinosaurs in the desert - Expeditions of the American Museum of Natural History

Mongolian Climate Studies - Collaboration between American and Mongolians scientists

Mongolian liquid crystal association

Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of  Przewalski Horse


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  Society & Culture

Empires Beyond the Great Wall - The Heritage of Genghis Khan

The historical Mongol empire

The land of Ghenghis Khan -  by National Geographic

The Legacy of Ghengis Khan

The Realm of Mongols - Rich personal page on history of mongols


  Traditional culture

The Buryat Home Page : Shamanism, Folklore and Poetry

Cultur Evolution - Mongol

The World Wide Holiday and Festival Page: Mongolia

Yurt Quest : In search of Ger

Mongol Wrestling - Page on traditional sport mostly in Inner Mongolia


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Lonely Planet : Mongolia

MIAT- Mongolian Airlines

Mongolian tourism board  - Official government website

Travel / Medical Information


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Olivier-G : musique New Age et Relaxation - Référencement et Positionnement internet

www.olivier-g.com : musique, référencement & positionnement - internet


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  Tour operators

Adventure tourism in Mongolia.
Summer sport trips and winter journey.
Sled dog driving.
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