Freedom is in the steppes, hapiness is in the steppes (mongolian proverb)


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NEWS : ZUD, a terrible 2010 winter for the mongolian nomads !  Our special page




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Baby sheeps are feeded by camel milk and kept warm under the yurt inthe terrible winter (march 2010 - Gobi desert - Dundgobi province)


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Trucks carrying hay March 2010


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Also, we want to end by saying thank you very much to Gansukh and to all the team of e-Mongol : we arrived as foreigners, we left as friends. 
Finally, our personal conclusion, according to exchanges we could have with numerous other French tourists during the course of the journey, is that e-Mongol appears in a very good place in the hit-parade of numerous tourist agencies of Ulaanbaatar.
Or appears in the top-list of numerous tourist agencies… 

Marie-Françoise and Jean-Michel Dumollard - August 2008



The shipment arrived yesterday in excellent condition. Thank you very much for your excellent service and the high quality blanket.

David Klen (Illinois - United States)


The deel is indeed beautiful and it fits me perfectly. 
I will not hesitate to order other things from you in the future. You seem to be a very good team. 

I wish you all very much luck.
Else Abdalla (Sweden)

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