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General conditions to travel in Mongolia with

Conditions of travels in Mongolia



Comfort / risks to travel in Mongolia

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A travel in mongolian countryside implies that you will spend nights in tents at campsites. Food is prepared on a gas stove or open fire (wood or dung).  Whenever possible, we choose for campsites places located near a river or a lake where you have plenty of water for cleaning food and for your personal sanitary purposes. 

Altitude is frequently equal to or higher than 2,000 m above sea level. You are often several days of road away from the first doctor. 


Risks associated with this kind of travel involving challenges and adventures can never be excluded. However, such risks are overall very low in Mongolia during the warm season.  Your safety and comfort are the first concerns of our guides, nevertheless, we can not provide a 100% guarantee of a voyage without any hazard or risk for you. 

We will discuss with you your motivations and capacities  


Prior to travelling with us, you should acknowledge that you are have been informed of and are aware of the risks and constraints related such a voyage of adventure.



Preliminary before trip to Mongolia


Experience is recommended but not required for 4x4 self-driving. We provide briefing and short training sessions prior to your departure to the countryside.


Similar experience and a suitable physical condition are essential for intensive trekking or riding (horse, camel or yak) tours that may last all day round.


Our tour operator prices for travel to Mongolia



Our prices are calculated according to the duration of the stay, the season, the number of participants, the level of service and the total mileage. It is an all-inclusive price for an individually tailored service thoroughly discussed and agreed with you.  

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How to register for trip through Mongolia?



All the discussion and registration process is managed by emails


1 - you contact us to let us know of your wishes and expectations for your trip project (dates, number/profile of the participants, activities, services, routes, fields of interests)


2 - we discuss with you the itinerary, including the duration and the route, and send you a detailed service offer 


3 - we can modify this offer according to your comments or new requests


4 - you confirm your agreement on the final offer


5 - you transfer by wire to our bank account in Mongolia 30% of the sum agreed to make a firm reservation


6 - we send you a receipt which includes a confirmation of your reservation, terms of the offer and a certificate for obtaining your visa


 In order to give us time to define and prepare your voyage, please contact us at the latest:


30 days prior to commencement of your trip planned for the period from  October to May, 


60 days for the period from June to September.



Terms of Payment



- 30% in advance by wire transfer to the account of our company in Ulaanbaatar

- 70% in cash upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar  


Travel Insurance



On our side we insure our guides and vehicles and also against the damages that you may cause as drivers (self-driving trips).


We recommend you to purchase in your country an appropriate travel insurance policy covering accident and retpatriation. Our company does not carry insurance and shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from your failure or negligence to obtain such insurance. 


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