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Programmes of travels in Mongolia with

Your travel programs in Mongolia


4x4 Self-Driving, Trekking, Camel and Horse Riding, Fishing, Camping and Swimming as you wish !



4x4 self-driving in Mongolia

Driving with 4x4 vehicles



Drive your Russian jeep on endless roads as real Mongolians do. See our special page

If you are not interested in self-driving, our experienced drivers will drive you safely and comfortably.


Trekking through Mongolian Landscape

Trek, yacks, camels, horses routes


1 - We organize trekking tours with or without car support.   

2 - You can also organise trekking in different parts of the country with transfer by car between treks.    


3 - You can do trekking wherever you want during your travel.  Most of the territory - steppes, lakeshores, deserts and mountains - is suitable for trekking.  



Camel, Horse or Yak Riding



1 - We organise horse riding or camel riding tours with transport of luggage and belongings by horse, yak or camel. Tours can be escorted by car at your option.

Experienced nomadic horsemen will guide you and take care of your animals.   Camel ridding travels are organized only in the south areas (Gobi).


2 - During jeep tours it is still possible to lease from nomadic families animals for riding from one hour to a day.



Fishing in Mongolian Lakes and Rivers



Pure waters of lakes and rivers of Mongolia are abundant and rich with fishes. Mongolians overall are not amateurs of fishing.  Most popular fishes are trout, grayling, pike and the famous Huchon Tamen, the worlds biggest salmon (frequently more than a meter long, and may be as long as 2 meters and reach 80 kg).  We keep only fish necessary for cooking and encourage people to use the "no kill" practice. 

1-     We organise special fishing tours. We will drive you to good fishing places on rivers and lakes. Our experienced guides will help you with any fishing style that you prefer - fly-fishing or lure.

2-     During regular tours, you will have an opportunity to stop and catch fish for dinner using the gear we provide at your disposal.


Camping in the steppe



Generally, we choose for campsites places with a nice view located near water, whenever possible. It is a custom for neighbouring horsemen to visit campsites and greet you. Learn or remember your country song because you could be asked to sing during a singing party around the fire.

 We follow a strict rule of conduct with respect to environment and always clean the campsite before leaving so that it remains as clean as before our arrival.


Swimming in Mongolia Lake


 If you are a good swimmer and are not too sensitive to cold water, you have no problem with swimming in rivers and lakes during long hot summer days.  



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