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Travelling far away in a land of dreams

Description of our travel service





Let us know your desire and we will take you for the trip of your life !

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Using e-mongol travel service, you will feel yourself  as part of the ancient nomadic life and culture rather than a tourist. You will come back to nature on the Land of Eternal Blue Sky and meet the descendants of Chinggis Khan. You will be completely independent but not alone.

We do not force fixed itinerary, rather we suggest you our frequently used travel itineraries and programs to help you design your individual trip. 

Also, we proposed at fixed dates some trips centered on a cultural event, like the Eagle festival organised in Altaï moutains early october, or some stays in nomadic familis to share and experience their daily life.

With our dedicated and friendly support, you will design and manage your trip completely in your own way.  Traveling in the countryside, you will feel freedom of space and time, freedom on free land that  exists nowhere else in the world. Explore the countryside, admire the birds, plants and animals, meet the nomadic people, experience the culture and learn new 4WD skills as you go.  


Throughout your trip, you will be able to stop and take your time and emotion to meet people and discover new places any time you decide or feel doing so.


All our trips are organized with respect to wild, but fragile nature and people whom we meet.


We offer robust and experienced logistics as well as all necessary support and responsiveness to ensure an unforgettable experience.


We design land tours for individual groups of at least 2 people to suit a multitude of different tastes and interests such as:

  • 4X4 self-driving

  • horse, yak or camel ridding

  • trekking

  • birds and wildlife seeing

  • visiting monasteries and Buddhist temples 

  • staying with nomadic families

  • swimming and fishing in rivers and lakes

  • camping

  • other sportives or scientific activities at your request or a mix of all the above !

You can either choose an itinerary from our frequently used itineraries presented on this website or design with us your own tour adapted to your interests, wishes and needs. All our itineraries are flexible and you will be able to modify your itinerary on the road.


Our services includes the following options which can be combined at your choice :

  • 4 X 4 vehicle rental with a local experienced driver/mechanic

  • 4 X 4 self-driving and procurement of an appropriate Mongolian driver’s license

  • dedicated and service-minded staff support, including guides/interpreters, drivers/mechanics, cooks, horsemen

  • all transfers in Ulaanbaatar

  • organisation of accommodation  in Ulaanbaatar (hotels of good confort level)  and  in countryside ( tents or gers)

  • organisation of visits/entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

  • welcome and farewell dinners in Ulaanbaatar

  • organisation of activities in countryside (treks/riding/fishing, visits …)

  • organisation of home stay with nomadic families

  • food and drinks in the countryside (a food menu is available upon request and may include a variety of different diets)

  • camping material rental

  • fishing material rental

  • mongolian driver licence rental (4 X 4 travel)

  • taxes for protected areas

Have a look on our examples of services and prices, and review our comprehensive general conditions.


Contact us to explain your needs and let your travel in Mongolia begins !



Our services does not include the supply of transfer tickets to Mongolia. Only tickets from Ub could be booked for our travellers

We do not rent cars without driver and logistic.

We do not organize hunting travels.


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