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What's about e-Mongol ?



e-Mongol is a tour operator as well as Mongolia's first online internet shop both operating through Internet,  and established in Ulaan Baatar in 2000.


e-Mongol is born between the Web and the mongolian steppes from a personal friendship grown into  French-Mongolian collaboration sharing common values belonging to these nomadic lands: respect, simplicity, tolerance and hospitality.


We are convinced in the need for Mongolia’s sustainable development and act as responsible actors to support this fragile dream comprising the nomads, their millennium culture and the infinite steppes



Byambadalai & François

The two founders : Byambadalai and François 


e-Mongol is a Mongolian family-owned company which could develop thanks to the opening to the world offered by Internet and a friendly French support.  


e-Mongol team in Ulaanbaatar office (march 09)

Front row from left to right: 

Tsetsegmaa (accountant), Zorigoo (driver), Ouynbileg (guide/office assistant), Baatar (driver)
Back row from left to right: 

Zaya (shop assistant), Batdulam (shop assistant), Tulgaa (shop manager), Ariunaa (guide), Ganaa (travel manager), Hishgee (shop assistant), Otgoo (travel assistant), Byamba (director)

To date, e-Mongol has a group of permanent staff in Mongolia and a community of mongolian travel guides, drivers, local nomads who cooperate with us in travel organizations 

We establish also mutually beneficial collaboration with family-based, medium and large producers who provide us supplies for our online shop of products from Mongolia



e-mongol staff and drivers.JPG (90180 octets)

e-Mongol team and drivers (may 2005)

front row from left to right: Davaahuu, Bilgee, Byamba, Tulgaa, Zorigoo, Jagaa
second row from left to right: Baatar, Ganbat, Togoo, Chimgee, Manduush, Dembee, Zula , Ganaa 


Since 2000, e-Mongol has organized many individual voyages especially for independent and experienced travellers: families, groups of friends, associations… as well as expeditions with a scientific, cultural or media goal.


We are very much committed to offering a personalized, reliable, flexible and friendly service to both travel clients and online shop customers. 

We are proud that many of our travellers return home delighted by our services. Many became friends. 

See our traveller's comments

We are very pleased as well that we provide a touch of Mongolia from abroad via our online shop. 

See our client's testimonials.


We strive to help the nomadic community at any time and in any way that we can, through our various programs of development and aid to the rural populations, particularly by lending vehicles and drivers for the missions in the countryside.


Our activities are developed in the spirit of respect to the people of Mongolia 

as well as to its nature and culture.

License e-Mongol

Our licence

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E-Mongol.com LLC 


Founded in 2000
Registre No 2655764
Licence No 26/2095 
Touristic licence No 114
Bank Account 453007578 Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia
Postal adress :
Ulaanbaatar 55, Skypost company POB 412 - Mongolia 
Phone : 976-11-462878
Fax : 976-11-462135
e-mail :
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