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Description of the rented material

Material supplied for your travel in Mongolia



Vehicles for comfort & self-driving travel


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1.    Toyota Landcruiser for self driving

A robust and comportable Toyota Landcruiser Prado will be used for self driving tours. 

The support team with another car will lead the road. Cars are equipped with a radio for communicating with each other during the driving. 

One satellite phone is provided to the traveling team. All Toyotas have a 12V standard plug and are also equipped with a 12V/220V (350W) transformer for charging batteries and only short time use of a laptop computer.


2.     Asian 4x4 jeeps for comfort travels.   

For people seeking better comfort on the road, we provide western 4x4 car (Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol or similar) with driver. Cars have a built-in 12V standard plug for charging camera batteries only.


3.      4x4 UAZ Russian made Jeeps 

will be made available for your travel and self-driving. These vehicles are intended and designed for military use and are very popular in Mongolia because of their robustness, astonishing performance on difficult roads and easy well-known maintenance. 

Spare parts can be easily found virtually in every town or aimag center. 

Cars are equipped with a standard 12V plug for charging camera batteries only.


4.        UAZ minibuses 

that have exactly the same characteristics and performance capacities as the Jeep are used for jeep tours, support team and logistics transportation. Cars are equipped with a standard 12V plug for charging camera batteries only. 


To have sufficient space and comfort, we recommend a maximum of 4 people per jeep and 6 per minibus.



Vehicle Design Features - UAZ


Designed in the 1960s. Brought into service in the Russian army in 1973. (We use far more recent models!) 

·    5-seats, 4-doors 

·    length: 4025mm, width: 1785mm, height: 2100mm

·    weight: 1600kg (unloaded), GVM: 2200kg, towing: 800kg

·    petrol, 4-cyls, power: 75hp at 4000rpm

·    transmission: 4m, 2-speed transfer case, part-time 4WD

·    wheelbase: 2380mm, track: 1442mm/1442mm, ground clearance: 220mm

·    turning radius: 6.5m

·    suspension: leaf/leaf, brakes: drum/drum

·    tyres: 8.40x15

·    fuel-tank: 78L

·    approach: 50°, departure: 40°




Camping in the steppe : tents, yurts, gers ...



We offer for your use the following camping gear:



  • touristic voyages: 

tents, including regular tents for two persons

  • professional voyages or big tourist groups :

a big Mongolian traditional tent for work/meetings/meals



  • sleeping bags                 

  • mattresses

  • blankets

  • pillows


  • cookware

  • tables

  • chairs

  • stove (gas)


Fishing in the Lake



We provide rods and reels for regular trout fishing. Few shops (the Department Store) in Ulaanbaatar carry a limited selection of fishing gear. We recommend you to bring lines, lures and any other materials if you are a serious fisher.


Horse, Camel or Yak Riding



Horses are provided together with saddles : generally, a Mongolian wooden saddle is used for short rides on the road and a Russian metal saddle for longer trips. We recommend you to bring boots or chaps if you plan excursions lasting more than one hour.



Other specifics materiels to travel in Mongolia



At your request, we can provide more specific camping gear or inventory that is available in Mongolia.




For expeditions, we provide a big Mongolian traditional tent for use as a mobile office with electricity (220V), table and chairs. A satellite phone and internet connection is possible as an option upon request.



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