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You can contact us by e-mail for every request, precision or tips about a trip in Mongolia. You can also review our conditions.


The e-mail adress of the office in Mongolia is has some representative in France that can help for french speakers


New (Nov. 05) : we have now representatives in London that can help and support UK  travellers. 

Warm welcome in the family to Dave and Lou, you can join them at


Our visitors often ask us to send them documentation. All the available information is on this website.

As we organised tailored individual tours we have no catalogue or standard prices to send you. 

Thank you for your comprehension.




Contact us for any question about our producst or your order at the adress


We answer within 24 hours




For any comment, suggestion or proposal about  the site, please write to the webmaster at


In any case


We always answer the message we received (if you don't receive an answer, it means that your request did not arrived to us, please try again).


Personal references of our travellers or contacts are never distributed to third persons.


If you do not wish to give a follow-up to one our message or proposal, you will not be chased. 

Spamming is not our cup of tea  ! 



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