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This was my 4. winter expedition to mongolias coldest province, Uvs. I came a little sooner than usually, but in the first half of December was the same cold weather, than usually is in January. 

Temperatures dropped again below -40 C degrees in some days. Sad news for most people, good news for me. I like extreme cold and I like deserts. The answere is clear: Mongolia. 

My driver, Monkhnasan and his relatives were very friendly and hospitable, they helped me a lot in my trip. 

Thank you again e-Mongol! Next winter is waiting for me!


Orban Zsombor (Romania) - January 2010

Mongolia, we dreamed about it ! Our wait was not disappointed. 

We discovered a fantastic, huge country with impressive landscapes, almost uninhabited except for its capital, but where we feel less alone than in overcrowded Beijing where we came from, with inhabitants ignoring those that they cross. The country fulfilled our expectations, again a little more thanks to the so warm-hearted reception of people we met. We do not want to stretch out too much this point, as those who come here will realise it by discovering these proper features of this country.

By these words, we want to give evidence of competence to those who will have to decide on the choice of an agency. We kept e-Mongol, incidentally by searching information on Mongolia. The Internet site is interesting, we decided to ask for more information and each of our messages requesting information was treated very quickly by Gansukh. That was how we could establish a program corresponding to our plan : length, circuit, budget …

At the arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Tungaa waited for us, young student in french language which was our mentor, our interpreter and our cook during 22 days, so dynamic, joyful and efficient. After a visit of several relevant buildings (temple, museum), we were invited to a very good show at the theatre, then to a dinner with the manager Gansukh, (that we did not think was so young). This allowed us to begin an acquaintance with him and to make concrete our internet contact with e-Mongol in the reality of a human relation. However these last benefits were not mentioned in program.

Afterwards, we did 3000 km of lanes without roadsign in the course of 3 weeks, which did not bother our driver, Tsengel : his experienced eye always knew how to find good direction in every fork and his driver's qualities avoided us inconveniences brought about by ruts, holes, rivers to be forded. In the evening, the choice for the site to pitch the tents was always judicious. Just after arriving, Tungaa prepared meal, often in difficult conditions, while Tsengel, having pitched the tents with us, dressed as the mechanic and checked the car to be sure that everything would be in order the following day, also cleaning the 4x4 well covered with dust. After dinner, it was the moment of friendliness, each satisfying the curiosity of others on life and habits in our respective countries, or moments of games, (knucklebones Mongolian manner and "jungle speed") when we were in comfortable stage with Yurt, privileged instants of uncontrollable laughs. And then, there was… but it would be too long to tell all good instants and good surprises ! Also, we want to end by saying thank you very much to Gansukh and to all the team of
e-Mongol : we arrived as foreigners, we left as friends. 

Finally, our personal conclusion, according to exchanges we could have with numerous other French tourists during the course of the journey, is that e-Mongol appears in a very good place in the hit-parade of numerous tourist agencies of Ulaanbaatar.

Or appears in the top-list of numerous tourist agencies… 

Marie-Françoise and Jean-Michel Dumollard - August 2009


I keep such nice memory and want to impress you my and our satisfaction with all you gave us with your service.
Best for you and warm greetings from Bangkok

Wolfgang Pfriemer - September 2009



Western Mongolia 2008

We wanted to get off the beaten track, and asked several companies to suggest a tour itinerary for western Mongolia. We ended up choosing e-Mongol because they listened to our wishes and tailorised a trip combining nature and cultural experience.

We have been most satisfied with our trip. It was very well organized, and it did live up to all our expectations. We will not hesitate to recommend
e-Mongol to those seeking a Mongolian adventure out of the ordinary.

Jette & Michael (Denmark) - August 2008



Our 14-day-trip from Ulanbaatar to Khosgol Lake was well organized and flexible from every viewpoint.
Ariunaa, our guide, always respected our wishes as the most important factor of the tour.
She really wanted to ensure an unforgettable 2 weeks for us, and she did her best for that.
We enjoyed the friendliness of the people we met, and the untouched Nature, as well.
Travelling on the road, staying in gers, sitting at campfires, talking with children and elder people was GREAT.
Many thanks for that to e-Mongol. We really appreciated it.

Zsuzsa and Antal (Hungary) - June 2008


My second winter trip to mongolias coldest region, Uvs aymag, was very succesfull. 

This winter was very cold, even for mongolian standards. Expecially in the second week, when in Ulaangom every night was well below -40 degrees. In the early morning of January 26, near the Uvs lake, my thermometer "said": -47.3 degrees! For me this was a really nice experience. 

Not very pleasant to make photos, but I was coming for the cold...and I got the cold! 

The people there are very friendly and surprisingly well acclimated to the extreme cold. 

My driver was good, hospitable and blithe all the time. I wish all the goods for him and for his family. 

Thank you again, e-Mongol !


Orban Zsombor (Romania) - January 2008


A special thanks to e-Mongol Agency that made our 3 weeks trip in Mongolia a beautiful experience.
Good drivers, they were able to solve mechanical problems, a valid guide and excellent cook.
But first of all the friendly relationship that we'll never forget.

Ambra e Gianalfredo Conti Recco (Italy) - August 2007 



We returned well to France and I want to send all our thanks for this voyage to you which was fabulous thanks to your super organization and to the kindness of all at e-Mongol, with a big thank you to Oyonna which made us discover the life of your marvellous country with a great passion and much of devotion.

The circuit was very well because we really traversed landscapes always various and all more beautiful the ones than the others.

Thank you also to have lent us the Prado, very good vehicle and comfortable, as Jean-Marc took much pleasure to drive.

Finally we would like to add that we never met, during our various travels, an Agency who accomodates and deals with the tourists like you, with as much of kindness and friendships. We returned with the head full with beautiful memories and with much photographs too; we will send some to you as soon as we make the sorting. Still thank you very much. 

Friendly yours


Martine et Jean-Marc Sauvadet - July 2007



This time, we chose to go to the west part of Mongolia, the Altai Tavan Bogd region, wild and mountainous. We went there to see the eagles used for hunting, the Kazakh traditions and arts and the highest mountains of Mongolia. 

And as with our previous travels with you (center in 2003,  and Khovsgol in 2005) we were not disappointed. 

With a perfect organisation and very friendly guides, we spent 3 dream-like weeks crossing varied regions (sand, steppe, high mountains), meeting welcoming Mongolians, in breath-taking landscapes. 

The quietness, the large spaces, the warmness of the people, everything made us want to return very soon to Mongolia! 

Thank you for allowing us to live this dream.

Aline Mamin - June 2007



My first trip to Mongolia was in January 2007. 

The plan was to visit the coldest desert region in the world (except Antarctica) in the coldest period of the year. 

So, I came to Uvs province in north-western Mongolia, which is famous for it's bitterly cold winter. 

With the help of e-Mongol agency, I could realize this. 

The agents of the tourism company are really nice, friendly people, who were attentive to all aspects of my plan and helped me to realize it. 

The most important thing for me was, that in Mongolia you can travel free. The representatives help the tourist but they also leave it to have a free move in the country. This is an excellent combination!

Special thanks to e-Mongol ! Hope to see you next winter!

Orban Zsombor - January 2007



In summer 2006 ,the e-Mongol team were involved in the making of a Major International Documentary for National Geographic television.

The documentary ,entitled `Russian Bigfoot` followed British Explorer Adam Davies ,as he investigated stories if the legendary Almas creature ,which is said to live in both Russia and the Altai mountains of Mongolia.

The film proved to be a very popular international success.

Adam Davies said:

e-Mongol are a highly dedicated and professional operation.The logistics involved in making a film of this kind can sometimes be very demanding,but e-Mongol were able to meet all my requirements.

Whether you are a tourist coming for the first time, or a commercial operation,the I strongly recommend that you use them.I trust them implicitly,and they have become firm friends"



I can say that the service you provided was excellent and you were able to accommodate our request of itinerary within the time we had available to visit the country. 

The communication was very friendly and efficient before the trip, during the long-distance planning phase, and booking of flights and preparation of our vehicle were very timely. 

Later, the support provided in terms of accompanying staff (the guide and the driver) was very professional, friendly and collaborative. Also the vehicle and equipment provided for moving around the country and camping were in perfect conditions.
I can say the trip was perfect from a logistic and organizational point of view. If I had to travel again to Mongolia I would definitely chose e-Mongol.

Barbara Vinceti (Italy) - July 2006


To organize a voyage in Mongolia, at the same time for 5 walkers and 11 horse riders was not easy thing, 

e-Mongol did it ! 

The 2 groups met every midday and evening of the different and varied routes. This voyage was one enchantement. 

The team of e-Mongol team welcomed us with a great smile on the train station platform of Ulan-Bator and we met a team of an immense kindness, always with the listening of the group and very professional. 

Thus think: 4 drivers, 2 cooks and 2 guides… only for us!!! In total a team supplements of 24 people and 4 vehicles!!! It is necessary to be very "pro" to manage such an infrastructure. 

The tents and the sleeping bags were brand new, delicious food, and experienced drivers! 

The team of e-Mongol made a perfect duty and took part by her kindness and her good mood in the success of this tour in the green desert which is Mongolia. 

No need to say that I recommend this voyage to you and that I recommend to you.


Eric Greff - August 2006



Travelling in Mongolia’s Far West, the Altaï range of mountains, with its Tavan Bogd, its Tsaatang river and the beautiful Khorton lake is a tremendous experience of infinity, freedom, silence and beauty.
However, the distances, lack of road information's, extreme climatic conditions make the journey impossible, but for the experienced, mature and friendly assistance of the wonderful team provided by e-Mongol.

The journey started months in advance through careful planning through e-mails. I was impressed right away by Gansukh speed and precision in answering my questions and by his capacity to solve any problem which would come in the way.

The arrival in Ulaan Baatar confirmed these first impressions : readiness, availability, expertise were available to solve problems such as getting Russian visas for the train return.

Once in Ogly, we met and very speedily made friends with an unforgettable team : Tulgaa who, in spite of his 24 years is a mature and sympathetic English speaking guide ; Agwan, an impressive walker, excellent intermediaries to communicate with the Kazakhs, since he, besides knowing so well the whole area, speaks Kazakh, Russian and Tuva ; Bilgun and Munko, two very reliable, inventive drivers and mechanics, able to repair anything anywhere and of course, Baikhalma, our delicious cook and her delicious food.

We walked 450 kilometres amidst sheer beauty, feeling perfectly safe and delighted, in spite of the gushes of wind, the scorching sun, the cold mornings and the impressive number of mosquitoes, which, in truth, became part of the delight, since the team was so supportive and tended us so well.

François Lorin - Yoga teacher (France) - July 2006


Thank you so much for looking after us so well. We really did have a special time, and many Beijingers and now wanting to visit. 


Alex Pearson - June 2005 



e-Mongol was fantastic and the guides amazing. We looked on them as real friends. Bilgee and Byamba were especially helpful and kind.
A big thank you to everybody at for looking after us. We definitely couldn’t have done this with out you guys

Richard Freeman (Center for fortean zoology) - May 2005



Dear Byamba,

It was a marvelous trip. We have seen lots of nice landscapes and meet lots of kind people, and we have loved have to do camping with Tuya and Mr. Baatar, and to spend time with you and your friend in UB.

Malaurie et Christophe Brunet - October  2004



First of all I would like to thank you again and again for these unforgettable holidays! Mongolia is a splendid country where the words freedom, hospitality, kindness, share … find all their sense. There would be so many things to say and unfortunately the words are not enough to describe what we lived!


You allowed us to discover this universe under the best possible conditions and if were to be remade, we would not have anything to change!!! Except stay much much longer!

Because hardest after this large bowl of fresh air and dreams was to return to reality and civilization! However we have full exceptional memories in mind and our eyes are still filled of the thousands of stars that we can see there !


For all those which will read these comments and which hesitate to leave, that they do not seek any more! Leave immediately with e-Mongol, closed eyes!


Mongolia and these inhabitants are exceptional and you cannot remain indifferent there! I hope that we will go back there soon and this time also with Tuyag and Durjo!

Thank you thank you for these two weeks of dreams!


Elodie Tabur - August 2004



We like to thank you for organizing a beautiful and perfect trip throughout the different regions of Mongolia. 

As frequent independent travelers we had our doubts about going on a fully organized tour, but it was wonderful. 

The organization was excellent and we would not have seen so much of your beautiful country if we had traveled independent.
Everything went smooth thanks to your organization, the excellent driving and the very helpful guide. We also appreciate the flexibility of the team anticipating on weather conditions and changing the route on our request. 

The service minded attitude of e-Mongol came especially to expression when you helped us with some small
issues during Nadaam even while our tour with you had already ended. 

We would recommend your company to everyone visiting Mongolia, one of the most breathtaking countries we've seen with the most hospitable people we have ever met. 

Thank you again for making our holiday one of our most memorable.

Claudio and Paulina - July 2004



Here we are, we returned from Mongolia, and it was really an unforgettable trip! 

The welcome was super : Ganaa is somebody exceptionally kind,  we really spent some good moments together in Ulaanbaatar.

The mood in our minibus was brilliant during 3 weeks. Oleg, our driver knew to face the worst weather conditions and the worst tracks (we will remember the return of the lake Naiman under so much of snow that the track was untraceable!), and Chimgee knew to cook nice dishes, especially for the famous evening for Eric's 30 years birthday.

We were hot then cold then hot, and like Ganaa said, we experienced all Mongolian seasons (although our cold should not be really the same that in real Mongolian winter !)

Evening vodka around the fire in Hongorin, the lake Naiman under snow, horse riding in Khovsgol, the nights under yurts in so welcoming people, our camp-sites in the middle of nowhere but never far from a yurt … 

we keep so many pleasant images in mind which make than we already want  to go back there. 

Thank you anyway for the many advices,and to make us spent such good times.

Friendly regards.


Eric, Nathalie and Muriel - June 2004

I would like to thank e-Mongol, and especially you who organized my trip : it was perfect under all the aspects, and I can say that I had a very good guide, one of best that I ever had in my voyages, and I travelled much, more than 75 countries. 

I found Mongolia fascinating and marvellous, with incredible landscapes and very friendly people. 

It is has voyage which I would recommend for every nature lover, and I would like especially to recommend the agency e-Mongol and the guide Ganaa, really very very good, attentive, flexible, friendly and very helpful

You will find attached photographs, and also convey my best memory to our driver who is also very good.

Sergio Ferreira - May 2004


A message to thank you as well as all the e-Mongol team for good time that we have spent in Mongolia.

This trip was very very well and the e-Mongol service very well groomed. It is very pleasant as a customer! Thank you for your phone call after our return; it is very nice and very pro. It is super also during the trip to have a team, which can adapt in all conditions, (like to change one night under tent against a nigth in ger) with the concern of small extra , for food or a ride on camel.

It differs from the agencies where the service stick 100% to the leaflet ! 


Alexandra and Jean Michel Peccoux (mountain guides and trek organizers) - October 2003 

Their website



Thank you to the e-Mongol team who has guided us, throughout this splendid trip. More than one simple trip, it was a pretty adventure, which we have crossed with our Mongolian friends, who showed a great professionalism, never without ideas, whatever the situation. The team of e-Mongol, always thoughtful and full with resources, made us discover the beauty of its country, showed us the treasures of its culture, and made us appreciate the generosity and the nobility of its people. We grew rich by dividing their daily. In addition to the incredible landscapes, which surrounded us, it is proud and right people which we have discovered. In one word, trust them ! 


Julie Lelandais - August 2003



It was a superb adventure. 

Immense sky, extraordinary people, great managerial staff…

Only superlatives. Good continuation.

Friendly Regards.


Mathieu Brisac - August 2003  



The harder with e-mongol is to return home !

When, after having lived 24/24 together during three weeks, it’s one teenager’s heartbreak to say goodbye, then there is not superlatives to qualify the welcome, the organization and the team.

I don’t even speak about people and country, I just can say than I don’t imagine to not coming back one day. Soon three months since our return, and the memory of these moments shared between together again revive me. I just feel like to setting off again for an adventure with the same team. 

Thank you Ganna, Ouyka, Tulga, Byamba, Togo and Manu Chao. If you hesitate to go with e-Mongol, give-me your place.


PS: If sharing, kindness, freedom, temporal endlessly, virgin nature, simple happiness frighten you, don’t go with e-Mongol for a trip in Mongolia ; stay behind your television, maybe there will be a report about the steppe.

Nicolas Guibert - August 2003



Mongolia is a superb country. Infinite spaces, storms skies,warm welcoming, sunsets, animals, all this is true, but like there is already full with comments above, I will speak about the joining team. 

The 6 Mongolians, who accompanied us, had a particular talent in addition to usual skills (goods guides, good drivers, good cook…), they gave authenticity to this voyage I hope! We were extremely confortable with them in their homeland. We have the feeling to have visited the country of the interior. 

We made friends with them. We felt good together, we have much joked together and we could exchange a lot of things. 

To summarize, it is better to return with the memory to have played "France-Mongolia" at the entrance of desert of Gobi than to return with just the memory of the entrance of the desert of Gobi and there were memories like this every days there. 

Antoine Lapert - August  2003



I have read in a book, that Mongolia is the country of infinite space. It’s also the country of powerful emotions mixed with meeting along road with nomadic, warm welcome in gers. 

As well, it's the country of mischievous laughs of magnificent children, eager to learn and know… 

Maybe “Alouette, gentile alouette” (french nursery rhyme) resounds again in the steppe since our passage…


Bunch of intense, coloured and sonorous pictures - these warm and deep voices, . This warm and dip voices, an herd of galloping wild horses crossing the steppe, goat milking in twilight… - that's we owe our friends of e-Mongol. They permit us, with an infinite kindness to discover this country and this rare people.

Thanks to this great lesson of hospitality and professionalism. 


The problem is that I would need a whole website to tell all I have in my mind and my heart.


Josiane Gain - August 2003



Mongolia is wonderful country that can be visited alone, even by hitch-hiking, but to do that, you would need lot of time and knowledge of exotic’s languages otherwise we stay completely apart from, without understand daily life of this people very nice. Moreover, certain magnificent areas are only reachable if you have a personal means of transport preferably very reliable because of poor condition of the road. The success of this trip, we owe e-Mongol team it, very professional en flexible in the organization. Thanks to them that we can finally make a ride by horses than we hoped in spite of bad weather witch has changed the planning. Congratulations again to our driver for his double crossing of the river Orkhon in growled and to our guide for daily organization and his skills of cook. And thanks to both for making us discover Mongolian culture, from “behavior in a ger” to local cards games, all this with drinks of airag this fabulous and misjudged drink.


Valerie and Vincent - July 2003



It was a wonderful trip for me to be hold in Mother Nature in mid July. Our six day trip was so impressive covering the ancient capital Kharakhorin, some old temples/monasteries, several visits to normadic families living in their traditional moving house Ger where we were treated to Mongolian dinamic and delicious meat dishes, horseriding in the beautiful wilderness, Orkhon waterfall, as well as enjoying Naadam festival with horse-racing, wrestling and archery.

Everything was so nice that I had my fill of satisfaction and will never forget it. I would like to appreciate the whole service and arrangement that your company meticulously provided for us.
Particularly, the tour conductor Ganaa helped us realize all we wanted with his responsive and flexible support. He arranged even a herd of camels and eagles to show us! (That was, actually, more than just lucky coincidence, I believe.)

Thank you very much again and let me expect that I can have such a service next time, too. 


Keiko Kato - July 2003  



   It is with death in heart that we resumed our dailies and obligatory spots… We have lived strong and unforgettable moments, as I never yet lived.

Mongolia is a really superb country, with splendid landscapes and exceptional inhabitants. 


Each morning since my return, I wonder why I did not stayed there… In short, our heads and our hearts are full with extraordinary things, which will not leave soon.


Thanks to you for this extraordinary organization, and to e-Mongol for this formidable work. There is really nothing to say on e-Mongol because all was perfect. An organization without fault, of hyper skilled people (Ganaa, Gina, Terbish…), in the organization, the respect of planning, the liberty of action, the explanations, safety, food, in brief an impeccable management… It is great. 


But we have especially discovered tremendous friends, and we are already impatient to meetr them again as soon as possible…

Thank you for the bottom of the heart and see you very soon. 


Fabian Bourdin - June 2003



We would have stayed there (ar least during the summer), and our Mongolian companions were fantastic. An amazing group in an amazing country.

A dream trip, perfect, marvelous, there not there words to reproduce it and we will go back there!!!

Continue like this e-Mongol.


Aline Mamin - June 2003



The company we used to help us on this expedition was We would highly recommend anyone considering travelling to Mongolia, even if on a normal tourist trip for a few days, to contact them. 

They were superb !


Andrew Sanderson (Extreme expeditions) - Juin 2003



Our travel was a total successl, as for the beauty and the diversity of landscapes as the organization. This trip was without weakness and we have luck to have one guide and one driver that both of them with many competences showed us the different sides of their country, and that made a lot of efforts to give us the biggest possible comfort .

If I wanted to summarize our experience of this trip, I would say, than if we could, we’ll go back tomorrow in Mongolia

This is really sincere otherwise, I did not write it if I didn’t think.

We are also at disposal of the futures travelers who would like some information.

I wish to the e-mongol team a happy year for 2004 and maybe see you next time.


Jean-Claude and Jacqueline Gressot - June 2003



I found in Mongolia what I have been seeking these 5 last years in India, in Kashmir, in South Africa and elsewhere…

In the one hand, the landscapes are magic, from desert to steppes, from forests the mountain lakes with so few cities, and roads and so much different animals and splendid vegetation.

In another hand, it is with these so wandering and attaching people that I found "my" truth : their respect of nature supports the Buddhist conscience of the "ONE", and it is while meditating in front of the lake Terkhiin Tsagaan, under the protection of one eagle, that I have really received communion with "Our Mother Earth".


From a a little less mystical point of view , the organization e-Mongol is excellent. Safety, attention, management of the unforeseen, perfect knowledge of their country, these are main words that could define our trip.

But there would be mainly : evening around fire, our driving sometimes extreme of the jeep, laughs during the horse rides, passionate discussions on our respective lives, breakfast at the edge of the rivers, emergency withdrawals at the time of the storms,  endless exchanges of gifts… that's my what I remind when I think to  Bilgee, Zuur and all those we met.

The two young women that we are, had really the feeling to live in family during 18 days, with lot of affection and laughter, and especially the feeling to have really communicated during all this time, without systematic translation


The departure is one of the most difficult moments from my 10 last years, I have really the impression to have leaves a part of me there. But with the time, this sadness of the return is changed in impatient certainty because I know that I will go back a next day there, and to remain perhaps there!!


Marie-Pierre Chassain - August  2002



To leave for Mongolia… a dream which was born along the pages of a beautiful book reporting the expedition of a photographer in the middle of the Nineties, book which was in my library since then, and which I leafed through regularly…  to go one day???? 

And the decision was made: we leave for Mongolia, to the discovery of the steppes, the forest, the lakes, an authentic people and still preserved, with its beliefs and his connection the nature so particular and so rich.... 


And it is what we have exactly found, and even more .... far behind our expectations, accompanied and more exactly surrounded by the e-Mongol team, full with heat and desire for making us share the love of their country and their culture. 


Discussions around camp fire, between English and Mongolian language great reinforcement of gestures sometimes, the laughter (the laughter is well a universal mode of communication, it was the occasion to verify it), good dishes prepared on fire by our cook, playing cards tournaments, the horse rides, the random meetings with mongolians along our itinerary… nothing which does not left in our minds some fabulous memories… colored pictures… 


After 2 weeks of expeditions, this small family finally said goodbye in Oulan Bator, around a diner, exchange of gifts, much of emotion and tenderness, difficult to leave them and tears in the airport for finish because without them, the discovery of Mongolia would never have had same savour. 


And always only one idea in mind :  to return one day!


Véronique Boyer - August  2002



Not only we have appreciated but adored : great spaces, magnificent landscapes, meeting with people, this way of life so different... All was there.

About organization all was perfect. Bat and Dachka, Surk the mechanic, they were fantastic and very efficient. Our return and passage in Moscow happened very well. These are very briefly the impressions, which we will develop to you by phone.

See you very soon.


Geneviève and Jean-Jacques Grand - July  2002



First of all, I have met some people of an exceptional kindness, and especially who knew particularly well their country and which learned to me to like it and to appreciate it. 

This voyage was for me an evasion in a new world full of richness and naïvety (what misses a little in our environment). 

The landscapes I saw are so unique and left the desire for coming back there, to feel this quite specific atmosphere of this marvelous country.



Carlo Bertuzzi - June 2002



We are very grateful to e-mongol and Francois for allowing us to realize this marvelous travel than we ask if we have not dreamed, the solution to be sure, go back there as soon as we will can.

Caroline and Michel Escavy - August 2001



It is really impossible to see anything of interrest in Mongolia if you want to travel in a classical way by taking public transport. 10 % of the roads are asphaled, there aren’t practically any road sign and the tracks, spoilt by the bad weather, are very difficult. 

The interresting natural sites interesting are not served, the habitat is primarily nomad. 

It is also very difficult to communicate if you don't have an interpreter.


 Also, when we have decided to come in Mongolia, we tried to find, on Internet, some organizations proposing trips in deep countryside in jeep with camps in tents or yurts.

e-Mongol was one of the cheapest (be careful, that can go from simple to triple) and provided all the materiel campsite while allowing an organization "a la carte ". We did not wish to enter in a program without the possibility to adapt it according our wishes, we were sufficiently many to set up a group (8) and the proposal was perfectly appropriated.

Lastly, we have decided to drive ourselves the vehicles (jeeps). If you make this choice, will know that drive on tracks in Mongolia is difficult, sometimes dangerous (because of the poor conditions of the tracks ), but however it is a very good school of pratcice ! 


We did not have regretted our choice. The guides are exceptional (thanks to the mechanics, essential!) and all became friends. The joy ruled in the camp: it is better to revise its songs repertoire, otherwise we are ridiculous, the evening around the fire! Everywhere we were welcomed with a extraordinary hospitality, and we can say that fermented mare milk is delicious. 


Mongolia is an unforgettable country for the amateurs of nature. The landscapes are imposing, the sight unlimited and of the immense herds grazed in freedom. It's possible to see there a lot of wild animals. 

It‘s also thanks to the kindness; joy in life; the hospitality and the beauty of its inhabitants. 

It's a country where you want to come back. 


Catherine and Jacques Etienne - July 2001



I have finally arrived back in Ireland. I just want to say "Thank you ssooooo much" for taking us on an amazing tour of the land of Chingis Khann. You have a very beautiful country. I felt in very safe hands with your company and will highly reccomend it to anyone travelling to Mongolia. I have many wonderful photographs to remind me of the trip and to share with my friends and students here. Everyone is amazed!
I hope to travel there again soon! Thanks again


Aine Sreenan - August 2000



Thank for all the kindness and service mind you showed us during our travel in Mongolia. 

Without help and support from e-Mongol skilled driver and interpreter it would have been very hard to travel through the mongolian countryside. 

Our thoughts often returns to Mongolia, especially to the beautiful Khovsgol area with its astonishing landscape sceneries.

Mattias Edman and Christer Wiklund (nature and animals photographs) - June 2000




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