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Travel in Mongolia with 4x4 vehicles

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Drive your jeep on endless step roads!


We offer you a unique opportunity to discover the empire of steppes in an active and convivial way on the wheels of robust Russian jeeps or comfortable Toyota Land Cruisers


You will feel absolute freedom while rolling in the middle of nowhere across wild immensity.


For groups of at least 2 people, we provide for exclusive use one or more UAZ jeeps. The number of participants may vary from 1 to 4 per car. A minibus will lead the road and transport your guides, luggage and logistics.


For groups of at least 6 people, we provide for exclusive use 3 or more Toyota Landcruisers. The number of participants may vary from 2 to 4 per car.  A minibus will lead the road and transport your guides, luggage and logistics.


Experience in 4x4 driving is recommended but not obligatory. Mongolian roads are often damaged and dirty but are still accessible for anyone. 

Experienced drivers can choose roads entailing special difficulties and testing driving skills. The most difficult roads are mountain passes and passages through swampy forest areas.  The crossing of rivers does not pose a particular problem.


At the beginning of each trip, we organize orientation sessions to familiarise you with the vehicles and give you practical driving advice.


Non-driving passengers are welcomed, however, it is recommended to have at least 2 drivers per car to share the difficulties of driving on harsh roads.


Trips proceed at the rhythm imposed by nature and are occasionally intervened by meetings with nomads and their families. Trekking and horse riding is possible at any stage of the trip according to the wish of the group.


The support team consists at least of an interpreter/guide/cook and a mechanic/driver who will help you with crossing mud, sand or water and ensure regular maintenance and possible repairs of the vehicles.  




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